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21 May 2015
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21 May 2015

On Saturday, 19th of April 2015 at D building, room D-6, Faculty of Economy and Business, Brawijaya University has been held Public Speaking and Design Training. The great event were annual year working plan of Public Relation Department, Lingkar Studi Mahasiswa Ekonomi (LSME) and the theme were “Inspiring People With Your Words and Make A Change With Your Design ”.

The organizing committee had been prepared the event long ago before the event was held, it was not a one night work event. The preparing has been work out 2 months before the event until the great day shown up. The organizing committe has work very hard to achieved the target and main purpose of the annual event, and for a little sneak peak, this is the very first time LSME held Design Training after for a few year they only serve Public Speaking Workshop as their annual event. The main idea of this event is Globalisation era in Indonesia.

Whether the Globalisation era has occured most positive impact for the society, the contradiction seems appear in every situation of every changed. Young people and student tend to be more less and less have critical mind and writing as one of the ‘trigger’ to speak their mind and their words. Meanwhile LSME realized that the student is our stake holder in the future and the purpose of our event to keep the fire up for student in Faculty of Economy and Business and spread the good habbit for youth to keep writing for what they thought and therefore student will have a good will and strong desire for writing and ability to compete in Globalisation era.

The participant are from student in Faculty of Economy and Business (FEB) , this is a free event and also limited seat only for 40 people. The participant only have to bring their own Notebook and the organizing committe will help them for installing basic design program application that will support their Public Speaking and Design Workshop learning.

The open gate for registration event start on 07:30 am and the participant keep flooding the area as each of the chair in the room has been taken. After the registration they got some snacks for their breakfast and energy for workshop that morning. The event starting around 08:30 and open by presenter, Mas Ulwan and got the speech from Organizing Committee President, Winda Aulinda and some speech from Head Chief of LSME FEB, Diana Nuridrasari After some speech has done, at 09:00 am the presenter announce the rundown time and event on that day and cheering up LSME team stand as the participant laughing and enjoying the opening.

At 09:10 am sharp, the presenter present and telling some info about the speaker on public speaking and design training, Muhammad Fuad Nasvian, M.Ikom and Rinaldi Syahputra both of them back then were alumni of Brawijaya University, Communication Lecture, Faculty Political and Science batch 2007. Before the session begin, the speaker gave a mini game for participant, and the game was each participant will be write down their good and bad side of themselves and other participant will add good and bad side of them and so on for each people. The main purpose of this event is to remind people that we still have to learn and learn the characteristic of ourself to know the better version of ourself.

After about one hour the speaker has given the workshop and tips & trick for a better communication understanding way, the participant may ask some question to speaker and after the question and answer has done, the organizing committee give an ice breaking for participant to prevent them from being bored and sleepy. They asked the participant to make a mini group and the organizing committe would given them a bunch of number and equation made from paper, and the participant need to rearrange the number and equation into the highest equal in the end. Each of the mini grup has compete each other and hope to winning this game.

After the ice breaking done great and all of the participant looks excited and happy, about 10:25 am the speaker continuing the design workshop. The participant may open their notebook and run the Corel Draw. The organizing committe stand by participant side to help people if they find any trouble while learning. About after 60 minutes, the participant has done make some of basic design for beginner and the participant may have question and answer session.

The closing of the workshop at 11:45 am and the presenter closed the event with praying together with people. And that’s the end of the story Public Speaking and Design Training 2015.

Evaluation meeting after event :

  1. May the event has better condition, and no more late for organizing committe and for better understanding, they may have to enter the workshop too and following the event.
  2. Hope Junkis of the event has been prepared minimum one day before event. And for this event, the essence of Public speaking has less meaning but has done the great job for design training.
  3. The organizing committe haven’t preparing list of daily structure organisation absent meanwhile the material concept of the event have been the tidy and good one. Even though in the end, there’s half an hour late time from the rundown time.
  4. For tools and shelf Division, may have more prepare and ready. Also hoping for a better working habit to arrange the borrowing permission on hardware, room, etc.
  5. May they have better communication between speaker and organizing committe, the action was to be more have well done event and main purpose has been fulfill in the future time

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