24 May 2016
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24 May 2016

Campus Life always presents variety of interesting stories in any activities. Collaboration between political side and academic side would birth a big event which is difficult to ignore.

This big event will begin soon. Introduction of New Student Campus Life of Economy and Business Faculy, Brawijaya University will begin soon. An event that embraces all the elements are welcome and guide the new students about campus environment. Hopefully, the implementation will involve the students in particular and create capable regeneration. Introduction of New Student Campus Life not only in terms of training or learning, but also in the form of information media which presents a variety of news. So new students can get to know their role as agents of change, agents of control, and iron stock.

Indicator, the student press, as an institution is obliged to execute the function by issuing a bulletin Indimolor as neutral news media which quoting the dynamics campus. Presenting the objective for the implementation of democratic discourse campus is almost perfect.

  1. Media Name

Indimolor Bulletin Of Intro New Student Campus Life (PK2MABA) FEB-UB 2016 Edition

III. Publisher

PKI Staff, Research and Development Division LPM Indikator FEB-UB

  1. The Cornerstone Publishing

Discussion Group of LPM indikator 2016

  1. purpose of Publishing
  • As a mediator of information between elements of a successful introduction of the New Student Campus Life FEB-UB 2016 with FEB-UB students
  • doing LPM function indicators FEB-UB as an institution engaged in information and monitoring

  1. time Publishing

Media is planned to rise as much as 5 editions:

  • PK2MU edition, published 1 September 2016
  • PK2MABA Issue 1, published 2 September 2016
  • PK2MABA Issue 2, published 3 September 2016
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