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30 July 2015
(Indonesia) First Day: Pengenalan Kehidupan Kampus Mahasiswa Baru (PK2 Maba) Akuntansi FEB UB 2015
3 August 2015

Campus Life always presents a variety of interesting stories in holding activities. Collaboration of the political side of the campus with the academic side would now give birth to a great event that is difficult to ignore.

This great event is about to begin. Introduction New Student Campus Life Faculty EkonomiUniversitas UB 2015 re-implemented. An event that embraces all the elements that exist in welcoming and guiding new students will be the campus. Hopefully, the implementation will involve the students in particular and create regeneration will be able to bring the success of these activities. Introduction campus life not only in the form of training or learning, but also in the form of information media which serves a variety of news. So that new students can recognize their role as agents of change, agents of control and iron stock.

This is the indicator as a student press agency is obliged to carry out its function by issuing a bulletin Indimolor as neutral news media citing the campus dynamics. Presenting the objective for the implementation of democratic discourse campus is almost perfect.

Name of Media

Bulletin Indimolor Edition Introduction to the New Student Campus Life (PK2MABA) FEB-UB 2015


Staff Specialty Publishing Indikator of Research and Development Division LPM Indikator FEB-UB

Purpose Publishing

  • As a mediator of information between elements of a successful introduction of the New Student Campus Life FEB-UB 2015 with a students of FEB-UB
  • Running LPM functions Indikator FEB-UB as institutions engaged in the field of information and monitoring
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