3 March 2019
DISEMINASI KAJIAN ” PENGUATAN PASAR DALAM NEGERI” Kerjasama Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Brawijaya (FEB UB) dan Badan Pengkajian dan Pengembangan Perdagangan Kementerian Perdagangan RI
4 March 2019

Youth is a period where idealism is still held in high esteem, still growing and not shackled by the interests of life. In accordance with its role and function, students as representatives of youth who are very fortunate to have the opportunity to study in higher education must become an Agent of change; guardian of value; iron stock; moral force; and social control.

The Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Brawijaya (BEM FEB UB) is one forum that is able to help students understand and implement the roles and functions of students, as well as building youth idealism as relevant to the Faculty of Economics and Business; Brawijaya University; Indonesia; and Indonesia and the world. With the extraordinarily important values ​​that want to be instilled by BEM FEB UB 2019 as well as to practice the “Tri Dharma of Higher Education” in a maximum manner, it certainly requires individual leaders who can manage themselves, lead others, and become servants for society.

Reborn of Leaders is not to give birth to a leader, but to regenerate leadership as well as the idealism of the participants, after going through the stages of the Training Organization. The forms of planting are two-way training, simulation, and also discussion, to revive the spirit of leadership and enrich the ability of permanent staff of BEM FEB UB 2019, in order to implement the Dharma spirit that is also Karsa. The theme of this activity is “Rebuilding the Soul of Youth Leadership and Idealism, In Accordance with Dharma and Karsa”.

The Reborn of Leader activity consists of one series day and was held on Sunday, March 3, 2019 in the Hall of Building D, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Brawijaya. The activity is carried out at 09.00 and ends at 19.00 West Indonesia Time.

There are 3 pieces of material presented in this activity. The first was material about Advocacy presented by M. Rizky Nugraha A. The second material was entitled Leadership delivered by Arky Darmawan. And the third material was presented by Wily Ariwiguna entitled Self Management. The enthusiasm of the participants in following the material presented was quite good. It can be seen from the activity when the questions and answers and attention of the participants when the speaker delivered the debriefing for them.

After being given debriefing, the participants conducted an advocacy simulation carried out for women who acted as students who had problems. Hereby realizing the material that is practiced directly by the participants, because participants are expected to fully understand advocacy. Besides one of the tasks of BEM members in the future is the function of advocacy. After carrying out the simulation, participants made presentations on existing problems based on the problem segments, including student affairs, academics, finance, general administration, and facilities and infrastructure. After the participants made presentations regarding the problems they had advocated, they were also told to provide solutions to the problems they had received. Then the BPH will provide feedback regarding the delivery by participants. Participants conducted an advocacy simulation very well, and participants who were formerly apprentice staff were more proficient because they had learned from last year’s Training Organization 2 evaluation. The presentation was also done well because the discussion that was carried out was conducive and solid.

Mature planning and optimal effort in the activities of the Reborn of Leader finally succeeded in carrying out everything. Support and cooperation from all parties is very helpful in the success of this event. The committee’s great hope is that through this activity the BEM FEB UB functionaries are able to apply the material that has been delivered at each activity session and further establish familiarity between functionaries and be able to carry out the mandate for the next period, and can create the seeds of new leaders in BEM FEB UB 2019.

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