8 December 2016
Creative Market dalam Rangkaian Acara Dies Natalies ke-55 FEB UB
11 December 2016


In a management process after the recruitment of human resources then continued with the development of human resources. Similarly CIES, with it will hold a Training for Trainers which is a continuation of the Training CIES that aims to further finalize the training previously and furthering the development of human resources, for CIES in motion steps need to supplement the core that is a member of qualified and committed in carrying out the mission mandate in the Islamic economics.

On the Training for Trainers introduced on the organization, namely the process of preparing an appropriate organizational structure with organizational objectives, resources that it has, and the surrounding conditions. Including departmentalization is grouping work activities of an organization that activities similar and interconnected to be undertaken together. Second, the introduction of the division of labor that is pemerincian job duties so that every individual in the organization is responsible for and implement a set of activities is limited. This training will focus on the practice of following up the theory obtained in the previous training.

Training for Trainer implementation was conducted over two days, namely on 19 to 20 November 2016. Where the first day of the training room housed in the gazebo UB and followed by 48 participants. Training this space presenting the material surrounding the managerial, namely, the conflict management and strategic perancanaan, but it also and there are conference sessions to help participants think critically. On the second day, held in the grounds rector outbound and attended by 25 participants. Outbound activities are aimed at making can boost motivation and passion, and that participants do not feel tired and make them more compact in one generation in particular.

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