8 June 2017
Indikator Evaluation
9 June 2017

Self Development Training (SDT) is an activity in the form of seminars and training in this year will take, the dearth of Public Speaking. SDT 2017 is one of the work of the Division of External Development, Ministry of Development of Human Resources BEM FEB UB.

The organisation of SDT 2017 is intended to enhance knowledge and insight of the participants about public speaking, develop and improve the skills of students about public speaking, as well as increasing the confidence of the students in the practice of public speaking. With the organisation of the activity is expected to kids to be active and skilled in delivering all arguments in front of the public by using the techniques of public speaking, and students have high confidence in public speaking.

SDT to be held on Saturday, 28 October 2017 is located at UB Guest House from 08:00 until 16.15. The activities ranging from open registration, first speech, the opening and reception, games, trainers time, Ishoma, the Ice Breaking, Alvin Adams’s the Times, Practice and feedback by Alvin and Trainer and closed with show video and photos together. The training activities the Public Speaking SDT 2017, we will be inviting Alvin Adam as speakers the main and his team trainernya. Participants of this activity is a family, the students of Faculty of Economics and Business and the students University of Brawijaya  at generally.

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