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14 September 2015
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15 September 2015

The young generation is the next generation of nation builders. Generation of intelligent, courageous, critical, caring, optimistic and resilient to compete with other nation’s youth. It will be a good starting point in continuing the development of Indonesia in the future. However, today we see deterioration in various aspects of life of the younger generation, including in terms of creativity, mastery of soft skills, critical thinking and passion to compete to be the younger generation which is great. The young generation today is very necessary especially at this time Indonesia has entered the market to free competition where Indonesia’s young generation will be competitive in all respects with the foreign community in various aspects including the economic improvement of the Indonesian nation.

Considering this, our theme as YOUTH as A BRIGHT LIGHT FOR FUTURE. Which included a 2 subjects that required the young generation of understanding and the ins and outs of the young generation itself and creative thingking obtained from the two speakers are different, the speaker first is of the presenters are experienced in the world the younger generation which will convey about the meaning of the younger generation and the younger generation that first difference with current and how the role of today’s young generation as the future generation that will compete with the younger generation in other countries. A second speaker from the speakers that are reliable in terms of creative thingking bagaiamana will convey the importance of creative thinking for the advancement of young people today.

With organized this seminar will be able to give a description of the younger generation such as whether it needs Indonesia and creative attitude as to what needs to be improved today’s young generation to prepare and improve in all aspects in order to compete with other countries as well as a younger generation that is great.


The theme of this activity is the YOUTH as A BRIGHT LIGHT FOR FUTURE


  1. Providing Information about the ins and outs of Youths and provide an understanding Regarding the importance of creative thinking .
  2. Convey the importance of the role of the younger generation of creative , Critical Care , intelligent and able to develop soft skills to become a younger generation The independent and able to compete .
  3. Making the younger generation now a young generation that understands its role and action that inspire the general public.


Forms of activities of  the inauguration Seminar  is Seminar and Talkshow . 

ACTIVITIES This activity will be held on :

  • Date : Saturday 28 November 2015
  • Venue: Hall F Lt.7 Building , Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya
  • Time: 09:00 to 12:00 pm
  • REGISTRATION 28 October – 27 November 2015  
  • Contact  Person  Nanda ( 08978727049)
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