Sending Delegation Futsal Girl FEB-UB for FE UI Cup 2017

Christian Student Fellowship of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya
5 April 2017
6 April 2017


Faculty of Economics University of Indonesia Cup (FE UI Cup) is a competition in basketball championship men’s and women’s championships futsal men and women, badminton championships, championships blliard, Taekwondo championship, and championship boxing between the Faculty of Economics in Indonesia organized by  Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia (BEM FE UI) that regularly host the competition. At this year’s FE UI CUP 2017 carries the theme The 15th FEB UI Cup “Age of Glory“. Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya was invited specifically to attend the event. After consultation with the dean and eventually coach Semi-autonomous Institution in the field of futsal in Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya (FEB) the Saweri Gading decided to join the competition.

Preparations were made for approximately two months with the guidance of coach in futsal champions Tidar. Preparation is performed starting from the physical preparation, the preparation of the strategy, and mental preparation of the players. During the two months FEB team also conducted several trials with teams in cities such as Footbal Activity Unit Brawijaya (UASB), and Penalty University of Malang (UM). With such preparation team coach believes that the team was ready to follow the tournament FE UI Cup 2017.

FEB UB team went to Jakarta on February 24th, 2016. On February 25th 2017 technical meeting of the competition implemented. From the results of the technical meeting, FEB women’s team are in Group B along with the University of Jakarta (UNJ).

The first match on February 27th 2017 FEB Women Futsal team will face the team of UNJ. The match was fierce, but the team FEB had to admit defeat with the score 3-0. The second day of the match Tim Futsal Women FEB-UB returned to face the team of UNJ. The match lasted so fierce because the ticket to the final. The match ended with a score of 4 to UNJ and 1 for FEB UB. With the results of the Women’s Team FEB can not escape from the group phase. FE UI CUP 2017 competition ended with TRISAKTI as the first champion and Faculty of Economics, University of Jakarta  (FE UNJ) as the second champion.

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