"Serving for Caring, EcoCare to Share"

Share and Listen 2016: ”Kenali Jurusanmu, Kenali Konsentrasimu”
28 April 2016
3 May 2016

Students in university have an important position in the nation. Students as human resources means that the student is also one of the nation’s most important asset to the intermediary in the form of education that is expected to have the best quality human resource that can benefit society in particular countries. In this case, students are expected to carry out their role as an agent of change, agents of social control, as well as iron stock, where these roles should be implemented to the public as a form of social concern for their fellow creatures.

As social who also have a role, students should have a sense of concern for others, especially in terms of education and social welfare. Education is the most important thing on a nation’s progress, because education can improve the quality of human resources which became state investment. But in fact, equitable education system in Indonesia has not been actualized properly. Many schools are not eligible to serve as a teaching and learning. Therefore, students must participate in helping the community in improving the quality of education. In addition to education, public welfare is also an important thing to be improved.

Through the roles of students, a sense of concern should be implemented through social activities such as learning and teaching effectively and efficiently with the children in the undeveloped village and can also be a social activity with the public in general as targets Malang. These activities will be packaged in a social program called Economics Care in 2016 or EcoCare2016. On this social programs, student of Economics Brawijaya University try to be a student who is responsible for running the leading role the other is for the public good.


“Economics Care 2016”


The purpose of organize this social program, EcoCare 2016 is as a means for all students of Economics Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya as an agent of change, the agent of social control and iron stock to be responsible and implementing roles as well as contribute a role either actively or passively.


“Serving for Caring, EcoCare to Share”

  • Economics Care 2016 held during one period. In every semester in one period the activities are blood donation, “IE Mengajar 1” “IE Mengajar 2”, “Charity 1” , “Charity 2”. In this event, will be held open recruitment of volunteers where the volunteer is an active student of Economics Brawijaya Univesity who took part in all series of social activities Economics Care, 2016.
  • Blood donation is held twice in one period. For the first blood donation event will be held in this semester. Blood donation in collaboration with PMI will be held on April 28, 2016 held at Basement FEB. There are also entertainment in the form of acoustic performances of Interest and Talent Development division HMJIE and the second blood donation will be implemented in the following semester.
  • “IE Mengajar 1” and “Charity 1” in this semester will be held on May 5, 2016 which is housed in the hamlet Rancah, Senggreng Village, District Sumberpucung, Malang. “IE Mengajar 1” taken from “Pancasila-Based Character Education”, and who participated in this activity are children Rancah Hamlet, Village Senggreng, Sumberpucung subdistrict, Malang, amounting to ± 30 children. This activitiy has essence of nationalism, Pancasila, intellect, and so on, where the activities are implementing the values ​​of Pancasila. As for the “Charity 1” activities, we will share some food packages to 25 family in Rancah Hamlet, Village Senggreng, Sumberpucung subdistrict, Malang. These activities are expected to help the little number of poor people in the region. And we will do community service such as cleaning public facilities in order to keep the environment clean and healthy. The Activity “IE Mengajar 1” and “Charity 1” also will be held in the next semester.
  • “IE Mengajar 2” and “Charity 2” will be held this semester too on June 8, 2016 and June 9, 2016. The theme of “IE Mengajar 2” is ” Buko Bareng IE, Kuy!”. This activity in collaboration with a street children community called Save Street Children Malang (Malang SSC) as participants in this activity. Because this event is held on Ramadan, the activities will full of religious activity such as reading the Qur’an, breaking fast together, tarawih together, and so on. The essence is togetherness and bring joy in Ramadan. While the themes for “Charity 2” is “Seasoning Ramadan”(Blessings For You, Share to Ramadan). The activities are sharing food or takjil to society Malang randomly. The essence from this activites are happiness in Ramadan too. For “IE Mengajar 2” and “Charity 2” will also be implemented in the following semester.
  • Events
  • Event: Blood Donation

Date: Thursday, April 28, 2016

Place: Basement FEB

  • Event: “IE Mengajar 1” and “Charity 1”

Date: Thursday, May 5, 2016

Place: Rancah Hamlet, Village Senggreng, South Malang

  • Event: “IE Mengajar 2”

Date: Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Place: Basement and Ar-Rahman mosque FEB

  • Event: “Charity 2”

Date: Thursday, June 9, 2016

Place: Malang

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