Serving Village Building Together

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23 June 2016
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Social In Action (SIA) is a program of work that focuses on social activities and student service to the community as real evidence the student’s role as an agent of change and an agent of social control. The program aims to improve the social sensitivity of the students in particular and society in general.

               SIA in 2016 conducted in Sumber Sari located at the foot of Mount Arjuna which is about 25 km from the center of the city of Malang. Geographical conditions of the mountains and the road access is difficult to cause development in the village is quite inhibited. Sumber Sari actually have good potential if they can be treated appropriately and correctly.

Event themes

“Serving Village Building Together”

Purpose and objectives :

The intent and purpose of convening SOCIAL ACTION IN 2016 is:

  1. Implement the third value of Tri Dharma College, namely community service.
  2. Provide public assistance and social services to the public in accordance with the mission of student “Agent of Change” and “Social Control” to the public sector.
  3. Develop students’ social awareness and sensitivity to the community.
  4. Participate equitable share in development of the area.
  5. To make teringgal village to village self-sufficient.

Forms of activity

Forms of activities of the event SOCIAL ACTION IN 2016 is

  1. Production

Form of guidance in the agricultural sector starting from nursery to post-harvest processing of crops as well as in the form of coffee beans and chilli.

  1. Infrastructure Development

In the form of repairs and infrastructure improvements that include the nameplate read villages and construction of the park.

  1. Education

Form of teaching younger siblings and teens village Sumber Sari about the science of science academic and non-academic.

  1. Health

Free medical examination and counseling were assisted by medical aid UB School of Medicine.

  1. Bazaar and the People’s Party

Cheap Bazaar itself aims to help the poor by selling goods of daily needs at very cheap prices. The bazaar will be combined with the activities of the People’s Party as a closing activity.

Implementation ActivitiesThis activity will be held on:Day: Friday, Saturday, SundayDate: 11-13 November 2016Points: Sumber Sari, District Karangploso, Malang

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