Sektor Riil di Paket Kebijakan Ekonomi XI
16 April 2016
VODAY (Voice of the Day)
18 April 2016

KM FEB UB (Keluarga Mahasiswa Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Brawijaya) represents the unity of the whole student Tier 1 Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya. In KM FEB 18 Institutions that there are 3 Student Association, 7 Autonomous Institutions, 7 and 1 Semi-autonomous Institution Faculty Student Press Agency.

KM FEB has instructive workflow, coordination, consultative, oversight, and monitoring of compliance with the functions and performance of each. The explanation above is a description that all students are part of KM FEB represented and coordinated by the institutions. Each lembagapun openly giving opportunity to all FEB students to take charge of their respective institutions by passing the acceptance stage as the Fit and Proper test.

However, not all students of FEB active on institutions which is an asset of its own faculty. Still many are apathetic and prefer to study orientied. It was caused by several things, one among others, the lack of branding KM FEB or the introduction of in-depth closer to the FEB UB students about institutions that are in KM FEB.

Therefore, the holding of activities Sharing KM FEB is a series of daily work program the Department of Public Relations Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya (BEM FEB UB). The series is intended as a forum for discussion, silahturahmi event, the source of knowledge, and facilitate coordination lane consultative and coordination between BEM FEB FEB KM through the Institute of Autonomous and Semi-autonomous Institution. Furthermore, to invite all KM FEB to be active through activities facilitated by the eighteenth agencies in FEB UB.

Theme Activities

The theme of the event was “Pioneers Movement Devotion

Purpose and Objectives

The intent and purpose of holding this event is:

  1. Establishing diplomatic relations between BEM FEB UB and the UB internal parties.
  2. Establish touch and a good relationship with the internal side of UB.
    3. Establishment of cultural consensus and a sense of family in KM FEB.
    4. Avoided and minimize the work program schedules are conflicting.
    5. The achievement of increased interest of students to follow a program of work, as the effect of publication.
  3. The inclusion of positive ideas with the aim to build each other better KM FEB.

Implementation Activities

Sharing KMFEB activities will be conducted from April to December.

Participants Activity

KM FEB UB 2016 (Autonomous and Semi-autonomous Institution) and all student of FEB UB.

Arrangement of Events

Sarasehan, 28 April 2016

Time Activities
18.30 – 18.35 Opening by the moderator
18.35 – 18.40 Remarks from Chairman BEM
18.40 – 19.10 The discussion agenda I
19.10 – 19.40 Question and answer session and discussion
19.40 – 20.10 The discussion agenda II
20.10 – 20.40 Question and answer session and discussion
20.40 – 20.55 Conclusion
20.55 – 21.00 Closing


Kunjungan Fakultas, 30 April 2016

Time Activities
13.00 – 13.05 Opening by MC
13.05 – 13.10 Remarks from Chairman BEM
13.10 – 13.15 Remarks from the Chairman of BEM faculty visited or visit
13.15 – 13.25 The introduction of BPH BEM FEB
13.25 – 13.35 The introduction of BPH BEM faculty visited or visit
13.35 – 13.50 Presentation BEM FEB
13.50 – 14.05 Presentation BEM faculty visited or visit
14.05 – 14.15 Ice breaking
14.15 – 15.15 Small Group Discussion (SGD)
15.15 – 15.45 Question and answer session and discussion
15.45 – 15.55 Conclusion
15.55 – 16.00 Vandel submission and Closing

Contact Person

Name               : Annisa Salsabila

Address           : Jl. Bunga Merak no. 48 Malang

Email               :

Phone              : 081249687795

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