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12 September 2017
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13 September 2017

In order to realize one of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi, that is research, the Lingkar Studi Mahasiswa Ekonomi dan Bisns (LSME) Faculty of Economics and Business, Brawijaya University holds Training and Brainstorming PKM FEB UB event. Considering that Universitas Brawijaya has been a champion of PIMNAS for six times, and three times in a row, this event can be a facilitator for economic students who are interested to follow PKM Dikti. The event will present speakers from lecturers not only from the Faculty of Business Economics but also from other faculties, as well as present PIMNAS winners in the social field of humanoria for FEB students to be more motivated to create PKM, especially in the social field of humanoria.

       The event will be held on Sunday, October 1, 2017. The event opens with a welcome from Asa Jasmine Harimurti as Chairman of LSME and will be continued with remarks from the Chief Training and Brainstorming Chairman of PKM FEB, Farahiyah Dalilah. Then there will be the provision of materials on the PKM of lecturers, the first lecturer from the Faculty of Economics and Business and the second lecturer from the Faculty of Agricultural Technology which is certainly competent in the field of PKM. After that there will be ISHOMA and continued with the delivery of material and motivation from student winner of PIMNAS in humanoria social field. This event is certainly not merely listening to the material, but also there is a question and answer session and an idea consultation session.

       After all the sessions are over, the event will be closed and FEB students attending the FEB Training and Brainstorming will be given more information about PKM Dikti. The information may be administrative or other information related to PKM. The hope after this event ended FEB students getting motivated to follow PKM Dikti, PKM FEB team pass PIMNAS and become champion in the most prestigious event.

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