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Wisata Qurban (WQ)
6 September 2016
Dialektika Anggaran Nasional
6 September 2016

Being a businessman is an ideals that need to be instilled in the mind of every

individual in Indonesia “A nation can become prosperous if the number of employers at least 2% of the total population of the country”, (David McClelland, Sociology AS). It is motivated by the fact that the Indonesian businessmen to venture intoentrepreneurship within the scope of a relatively young can be said to be very low,at only 1.56% of the total population of Indonesia and the number is far less than other countries in ASEAN.

 One source determinants of the increasing development of the national economy didn’t  escape with the role of the industrial sector both of micro and macro. Sectors such as macro industry needs the support either directly or indirectly. To build an industry standard micro needed their entrepreneurial abilities qualified. Thisentrepreneurial skills can be trained at the start of the event business plan competition or its equivalent.

 The event is intended to accommodate the ideas of young people who are interested and have an interest in that field. With a race that important aspects of an entrepreneur there is an idea, an idea which is able to produce a great work which can bring benefits for others. As an entrepreneur creative and innovative ideas need especially supported with their ability to process ideas into better results. This activities will hone skills and increase the competencies of entrepreneurs to create new creative product in terms of both products and services, as well as introducing their products directly to the market. Hopefully, by the variety of entrepreneurial trining and business plan competition Indonesian people, especially the younger generation will withstand the onslaught of imported products and can win the marketcompetition in the Southeast Asian Economic Community.

In order to support the improvement of the quality of human resources (HR)

through entrepreneurship training, one of which is through Entrepreneurship Seminar and Business Plan Competition (ESBC). Entrepreneurship Seminar and Business Plan Competition (ESBC) is an entrepreneurial seminars, business plan competitions and fairs with national scope aimed at the younger generation of Indonesia for the students which active in college.


“ESBC (Entrepreneurship Seminar And Business Plan Competition ) 2016”


  • Technical Meeting

Technical Meeting (TM) is the opening of the series events ESBC 2016 for a description of the theme and a series of activities, rules and regulations (during the series of events and presentations), as well as aspects of the description andcategory ratings champion. Beside technical meeting will also be read out speaker for the seminar entrepreneurship and business plan competition judges. At the technical meeting will be attended by 15 teams finalists with a total of 45 participants (assuming 1 team – 3 peoples).

  • Business plan

In this business plan targeted 50-100 teams, namely teams from universities throughout Indonesia. Then selected 15 teams qualify for selection to present thebusiness plan proposal. Assessment of the proposals based on creative, innovative, implementable and quality content, and judged by a jury Dr. Achmad Helmy Djawahir, Misbahudin Azzuhri, SE., MM., And Dr. Asfi Manzilati, SE., ME. The competent in the field of entrepreneurship and academic community who understand marketing and financial management.

  • Bazaar

Bazaar held by the Committee ESBC 2016 is an event will be held on the second day. Participants bazaar is 15 finalists who passed business plan and has presented its products during the first day. In addition, the committee also provides 5 booth for sponsorship as well as those who wish to participate in the bazaar by opening registration (open tenant). And the committee also provided a photo booth spot for visitors who want to capture the moment bazaar in the event ESBC 2016. The purpose of the bazaar are implementation and hone the entrepreneurial spirit of the participants in marketing their products.

  • Coaching Clinic

Coaching Clinic is an event held on the last day. In this event the speaker that fills the seminar was an entrepreneur who rated committee to motivate the final round business plan so as not merely an idea that Obi Chandra Kapisa or better known as Mas Obi. He is not a cleric, not a motivator, but a trainer. He is a young entrepreneur who started his business from PKM or student creativity program then he has developed his business by opening a bike rental business that later he was recruited as a management team Business Owner School and now he has served as Director of ISI TC (Indonesia Successfully Inspiration Training Centre). Coaching Clinic devoted exclusively to the best 15 teams whopassed the business plan competition. Will also be open to the public with a limited quota.

  • Fieldtrip

Fieldtrip was undertaken in the after held on Coaching Clinic. In this fieldtrip the finalists are invited to get to know one another among the participants in order to be closer. The activities undertaken are visiting sites that have educational and expected to be an experience for the finalists.

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