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20 May 2016
24 May 2016


Social care is feeling responsible for the difficulties faced by others . Social care is an important value to be shared by all true because humans are social creatures who can never live alone.

Sociable and happy to help is a universal doctrine and advocated by all religions. However, doing a social activity can not be enforced because it depends on the awareness of each individual . Sensitivity to do all it can not grow just like that, it takes the process of training and educating. For the FEB (Faculty of Economics and Business) students need container for channeling the aspirations and actions in social activities on campus are named social campus.

This form of activity Social Campus assortment. First there are warnings that the good days of the social or environmental closely related to the daily life of students. Memorial Day is intended that the students themselves need FEB awareness of the social problems that exist in the environment around FEB. Both are concerned about the environment of campus in order to solve problems that occur around FEB like a waste problem that has no end in FEB, or policies campus regarding creation of ram or the road incline for FEB students whose disabilities and other problems associated with FEB. Thirdly there is a social form of tourist visits to orphanages, nursing homes, mental hospitals in order to pave the student views of existing society around Malang. Fourth, there is the Social In News (SOSIS) which is a medium for providing information on social issues that occur in community environments, so that students understand the issues that are too warm place. Lastly is the disaster response activities meruapakan isidental form of a fragment of a fund to help victims affected by natural disasters or humanitarian disasters.

Social Campus activities is aimed for FEB students more caring and sensitive to the environment around them both in FEB or the scope of Malang. In addition, for friends who have the same mind in the build environment FEB beautiful and clean, and are interested in issues of social environment is also contained in the Social Volunteer (Scooter).

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