SPARKLING ECORA 2015 Economics and Business Dance Club

Economics and Business Dance Club Showcase Night 2015: “The Enlightenment of Creativity Art”
6 July 2015
call for paper delegation 8th National ECCENT UNAIR SURABAYA
8 July 2015

Sparkling ECORA is an annual work program Economics and Business Dance Club which is a facility for the dancer in East Java to demonstrate aptitude and results of training and competing with each other to get a champion.

This is a contest for 3 genres, that is traditional dance (can be from Java and outside Java) or contemporar (a combination of traditional dance and modern dance), hip-hop or modern dance and cover dance for Korean only.

Sparkling Ecora’s theme this year is “Raise Up the Culture Heritage of Our Nation”. By bringing their respective genres, the dancers are expected to bear the elements of art and culture that exist, namely Indonesia, except cover dance. With the theme of this brought us all as a dancer is expected to not only bring the dance from abroad but do not forget the culture of his own country which is very must be preserved for the future and not become extinct.

Sparkling ECORA this year was held on Saturday November 7, 2015, with the building Gajayana housed in the city of Malang.

From year to year this event has increased from a place, participants and theme, this year is also expected to be a new step again for Economics and Business Dance Club to be able to bring the name of the institution and the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya broader into the world, not just but also in terms of academic art.


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