Sparkling Ecora 2017

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15 June 2017
16 June 2017

Along with the development of time, we realized that the Indonesian culture is not pure anymore from the roots of Indonesian culture, there may be have been assimilated with the culture of other nations. It is not something to worry about, because it can enrich the culture of the Indonesian nation. As an autonomous institution within the scope of Student Executive of Faculty of Economics and Business Brawijaya, Economic and Business Dance Club (EDC) will participate in every art and cultural activity both in the faculty and outside the faculty. One of the implementation of art and cultural activities conducted by EDC is to hold dance competition for dancers in Indonesia which is also an annual work program of EDC called Sparkling Ecora.

Unlike the previous year, Sparkling Ecora 2017 has become a national-level competition in which participants will be compete from all over Indonesia. Sparkling Ecora 2017 raised the theme “Casino Royale” with highlighted color themes are red, gold, black, and white. Casino is known as a magnificent place, luxurious and there are people gathered to play poker cards. Poker cards consist of 4 symbols that also symbolize the 4 genres that are contested in Sparkling Ecora 2017 that is traditional, modern, hiphop, and cover. With the Casino Royale theme, the Sparkling Ecora 2017 event carries out a magnificently packaged, luxurious and elegant packaged event.

Sparkling Ecora 2017 will be held on Thursday, October 12, 2017, at 07.30 A.M until 06.30 P.M at Sasana Krida Budaya, Universitas Brawijaya. Sparkling Ecora 2017 will also invite experienced judges and guest stars that will surely be eagerly awaited. Sparkling Ecora 2017, chaired by Yuniar Lismayaditami from UB Management 2015 aims to provide opportunities for dancers all over Indonesia to compete against other great dancers, as well as to discover the superior seeds of new dancers in Indonesia.

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