“Splash Your Ninety Life”.

17 December 2015
21 December 2015

 Solid IE is the first time activities that organized  by the Department of Economics Student Association (HMJIE) as a venue for all generations gather for economic science and can be strengthens kinship and establish a relationship between the force with the theme “Splash Your Nineties Life”. ” Splash Your Nineties Life” which has the meaning of life splash in ’90. So, based on the theme of the participants will be restored in 1990, all the activities back in the ancient times. The event was held on Saturday November 14, 2015 held at the Lower Square and Central Square School of Economics and Business.

 This event is not only a freshmen introductions throughout 2015 to force upon it, but also as an activity that is able to foster solidarity between generations. Moreover, this kind of activity is a concept that is different from other similar events. This activity also aims to introduce and determine how the history of the Department of Economics in the past to the present so that the knowledge the students either old or new students of the Department of Economics can be increased. “IE Solid” also aims to foster a sense of pride and sense of belonging that students can play an active role in the activities organized by the Department of Economics.

The event was held during the day from morning to afternoon. Participants of this project are students from the Department of Economics Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya force in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.

This event is divided into three forms of activities, namely games, bazaar, and a morning run. Games are held consists of two forms of games are big games and small games. Big games include relay flour, gobak Sodor, and tug of war. As for the small games include football and relay eggplant with marbles. The second event, namely food bazaar which consists of five stand food bazaar. Food booths open from morning to afternoon. This bazaar activity can be visited by the public. For a morning run is a run together around UB event held in the morning. In addition to entertain the participants, there are also performers in the form of acoustic music.

Can be said for the implementation of this program, including successful despite the obstacles that participants are less of a target. Solid IE hopefully in the next year even more successful in holding IE Solid, more festive show, more and more participants and more successful activities.