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14 October 2015
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In the era of globalization and modernization as it is today, a lot of students who are shackled by the density of routine lecture. Whereas for students, not enough just to get experience in the lecture bench alone. Not only the experience on the course of study required by a student, but the attitude ingrained in them is also important for all students, such as sportsmanship attitude. With the attitude of sportsmanship, students can compete in the world of work and full of trust.

Sport is a very appropriate means to be able to train and form a sportive spirit, because the sport is synonymous with high sportsmanship spirit. Whatever form sports-related activities, ranging from activities that are just messing around, exercises regularly, until a competition of high value and tersistem, everything will be qualified with the competition and sportsmanship training for the perpetrators. We are all very aware that having a tough attitude and spirit of sportsmanship is important not only for ourselves, but also important for generations to come after us. In addition to sports, artistic talents that exist within the students themselves must make when entering the college world. The reason is so that they can start to adapt and mental training can compete well among fellow students.

Caught a thought that we as students are not only required to be able to develop academic skills as well as mentally tough competition for ourselves, but also for generations to come after us. Through sports competition “FEB CUP 2015”, Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya (BEM FEB UB) tries to be a facilitator of such thinking. With activities and sports competitions of this kind of art is loaded with competition, either in the player selection process, and later until finally at the time of the match, it is expected that the participants are all students of the Faculty of Economics and Business start 0812-2015 generation, can build a strong and competitive mental as well as have the awareness to be able to always be the best. In addition, the event FEB 2015 CUP is also able to build familiarity among younger students from 0812 to 2015, increasing the sportsmanship on self indiviidu students, and distribute artistic talent and sports talent of students of FEB UB.

It is our hope that the long-term event such as sports and the arts can be a source of motivation for the entire community of sports and art at the Faculty of Economics and Business, to be more advanced and developed.



   The theme of this event is “Strive for Glory”.


General objectives to be achieved through these activities is to increase the participation of students, especially students of Economics and deploying Fakulas UB in developing personal qualities, especially the attitude of sportsmanship and togetherness better and maximize its potential. By building a new spirit expected of students of the Faculty of Economics and deploying can be superior personal and benefits.

In addition to the general objectives, specifically as for objectives to be achieved in this activity, namely:
1. For a moment take off routine lectures
2. Establish good mental competing
3. Build familiarity between the student of 0812-2015
4. Improving student sportsmanship on self indiviidu
5. Distribute the artistic talent of students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya
6. Being a means for students of the Faculty of Economics and Business who have an interest and talent in the field of sports and arts.


Forms of activities of the event FEB CUP 2015 are competitions that include:
1. The race futsal son
2. The race men’s Basketballball
3. Competition badminton son and daughter
4. The race vocals


FEB CUP 2015 activity will be held on: October 3 – October 31, 2015.


  1. Alfrizal Yoga Yusvianto (08563301107)
  2. Uma Adi Kusuma (08986948371)



Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Economics and Business University of Brawijaya 2015

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