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1 June 2016
Kompetisi Karya Tulis Mahasiswa Nasional (KATULISTIWA) 8: Kembangkan Desa, Perbaiki Bangsa
3 June 2016

Economics is essentially a pure science generated from the results of human thought are studied from various sources, both the economic conditions of a period that we now know as the conventional economy and from a source of religious law as it was then developed by economists become a science, doctrine, and also an Islamic economic system.

Islamic economics have characteristics that are very different from conventional economics one of which is the application of maqashid sharia on each element of the economic element of Islam that does not exist in the conventional economy as keep for religion, life, intellect, lineage and property, maintenance of maqasid sharia will bring Islamic economy towards Islamic economic identity as a system that brings benefit in every human being.

However, the current economic development is still in the stage of Islam leads to victory, so it still requires a lot of spices knowledge and support from various aspects. One that can prove it is 1) still his economic existence of Islam in the areas of finance, 2) application of the dinar and dirham as the currency is still limited as only minimal additional investment commodity 3) implementation of appropriate economic not moral human morality.

Aware of this makes us motivated to contribute knowledge and ideas that we have to improve the economic development of Islam. One way is to follow the competition in 2016 UII SEED (Sharia Economic Events Day) this. The results we expect is to be able to exchange ideas between students and practitioners and all relevant parties so that they can add to our knowledge anyway.

This event was held on:

Day / Date: Friday-Sunday, 20-22 May 2016

Place: Campus Universitas Islam Indonesia

(Detailed Schedule Attached)

• Olympic semi-final stage

  • National Seminar
  • International Seminar
  • Final Olympics and conferences


  1. Participants are required to send the registration requirements in the form of the registration form that can be filled in Registration attached at the address: then, scan KTM team member after it send to email
    2. confirmation after upload files to:

Number: 085 743 122 165 (Women’s) or

Line: Puputridewi or

BBM: 5baba927

With SEED format 2016_3 initial word judul_Nama Writer 1_Asal University.

  1. Delivery of abstracts and full papers were not charged.
  2. Participants are required to upload files registration requirements and abstraction at the same time.


Rifaldi Majid (085343245314)


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