Tahsin and Tahfidz Qur’an

22 May 2017
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22 May 2017

Praise be to Allah the Rabb of the Worlds over all His abundant mercy and grace. Shalawat and greetings may always be commended to Rasulullah Muhammad SAW. May we can be His servants who are always on the path of righteousness and can uphold the truth on earth in any condition.

                       As a servant who claims to believe in Allah Almighty, we are burdened with the command to try to practice goodness in any case, including in the matter of preaching His religion. Seeing the condition of Muslims today that not all can feel the pleasure of faith in God in terms of worship make humans are required to always advise and preach to convey his truth.

In other side, Allah SWT has dropped off the Holy Book of the Qur’an to mankind to be read, studied, in tadabur and used as a guide to live in all aspects of life in this world. The destruction of the current generation of Muslims is due of their hearts from the Qur’an. They prefer to look for a system other than the Qur’an to be a living guide. The phenomenon in our country today, the majority of the population are Muslim, But there are still many Muslims who are still illiterate in reciting the Qur’an. A great title, a prestigious position but sadly read his holy book (Al qur’an) is incapable. Glorious in the eyes of humankind but despised in the sight of Allah SWT. While life in this world only briefly, but life in the hereafter is eternal.

            Al Quran guidance from early will lead a Muslim into a civilized, ethical and religious personality in the attitude. Therefore, we established a community of qur’an lovers to bring back the love of Faculty of Economics and Business University of Brawijaya (FEB UB) students to Al Quran and also as a facility for FEB UB residents who want to learn to read qur’an well and correctly.

            The name of our community is KOMPAQ (Community of Al-Quran Lovers). By carrying the spirit of “Growing True Love of Al Qur’an” makes us try to provide various activities or programs to achieve it. One of them is TTQ (Tahsin Tahfidz Qur’an). TTQ is an activity of reading and memorizing Al-qur’an regularly and intensively conducted from students to students, especially in FEB UB. This activity is intended to improve the students in the reading of Al-qur’an and also try the students to memorize it. This activity implemented every week, accompanied by mentors who have the ability to read and memorize Al-qur’an. The time it takes is flexible based on the spare time between the mentor and the participant. In addition it will also be held together with all mentors and participants every month to recite and repeat memorization (murajaah) together.

Contact Person :

  1. William (081217540233)
  2. Hanna Indi (085731052550)
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