The Evolution of Urban Market. Cracking consumer’s Mind in the Dynamic Era

Training and Brainstorming PKM FEB UB 2015
28 August 2015
(Indonesia) Panitia PK2MABA Siap Sambut Keluarga Baru FEB UB
1 September 2015

1426354094870The 11th MIST : National Marketing Seminar and Conference is annual event held on Management Student Society (MSS) Faculty of Economic Universitas Indonesia. The 11st MIST is event include by training, workshop, and conference about marketing science. This event followed by all delegation from universities in Indonesia. In this moment, each delegate have to contribute a solution for Indonesia especially in marketing issue.

Fifteen best teams that have passed through the selection of “Call for papers” will make a presentation. This presentation will be a material assessment to determine the best paper. Delegates consisting of 15 teams will be divided into five teams to discuss case studies, supplied with the panelists. Each team then presented the results of their discussion to the whole team and panelists. Panelists will provide suggestions and responses to the presentation.

At the stage of presentation, delegate have to deal with 15 other finalists from various universities. In the round of selection delegation percentage UB team present scientific papers to estimate the right time and in accordance with the provisions of the jury. UB team later during the question and answer session, delegates were able to answer all question jury properly. no evaluation of the jury about more specific in explaining and improvement of appropriate research methods in the paper.

The next participant from the UB team to follow a series of seminars, training, and conferencing. There is finally one of the participants of the UB is Rizki Valentina SW was awarded BEST CONFERENCE. This award can scent the UB and get the science and friends as a provision for the future. As well as this activity provides many new experiences and knowledge for us.

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