The Olympic Training and Scientific Writing 2019

Kualitas Belanja Pemerintah
13 November 2019
13 November 2019

The Olympic Training and Scientific Writing work program of Islamic Economics is
one of the work programs of the Research and Development department of the Center for
Islamic Economic Studies (CIES) autonomous institution which focuses on the CIES cadre
training field specifically in the field of Islamic economics. This Work Program is carried out
from 13 February 2019 to 13 November 2019. In the Olympics training and this paper is
divided into 2 training methods. First, the form of its activity is called LARUTAN. LARUTAN
is a training that is held every two weeks precisely on Wednesday or Friday in the afternoon.
On February 13, 2019, material presented on “Mawaris” by the Head of the RnD Department
was Aufan Ghifari. Then on April 26, the material presented on “Systematics of KTI Writing”
by the Head of the RnD Department was Aufan Ghifari. Furthermore, the SOLUTION was
carried out on September 4, the material presented was about “Systematics of Essay writing”
by Achmad Fauzan Fajar as COC CIES FEB UB. Then on October 30, 2019, the material
presented was “Dismantling the Secret to Make Writing for the Champion Achievement” by
Haqqi Huddan as PresS FoSSEI 2018-2019. And the last SOLUTION, namely on November
13, 2019, in this event a written test was held as a selection of TEMILREG competition which
will be held in 2020. This activity was held in the BRI GU Floor 3rd Room Faculty of
Economics and Business, Universitas Brawijaya.
“Dismantling the Secrets of Making Scientific Papers for the Champion”
Writing is something that is always eternal. Because by writing even though
you are old or have passed away, but you leave a work that can be useful for others.
The material presented explains about 2 types of writing namely KTI and ESSAY.
The difference between the two is:
Call For Paper Essay
– The format is more complete:
Abstract, Chapter I Introduction,
Chapter II Literature Review,
Chapter III Research Methodology,
Chapter IV Closing
– Its complex
– Simple writing format:
Introduction, Content, Conclusion /
– It’s simple
– No need to do research
– Research is needed to find an
Second, the form of this activity is called GARASI or Delegation of Action. Garage is
a form of achievement class for CIES cadres to practice their skills intensively. This activity is
held once a week at conditional time in accordance with the agreement with his mentor. This
activity can be said as a consultation of their work to a mentor. GARAGE has been
implemented every time there are CIES members who will take part in the competition. And
from the teams formed following several competitions held by universities or other institutions,
such as: TEMILREG 2019, TEMILNAS 2019, GSENT 2019 (Champion 1), ISFEST 2019
(champion 1), FEIS 2019 (Champion Hope 3), SEHATI 2019, PIES 2019, SELEB 2019,
FEMFEST 2019 (Champion 2), Present 2019 (Champion 1), etc

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