Training and Brainstorming PKM FEB UB 2015

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27 August 2015
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31 August 2015

The university as a part of the national education system has duties to develop science and technology that is compatible to the present time and the future. Research and intellectual activities are very important as a part of science and technology development. Campus’ environment is an intellectual community in which transfer of science and technology goes on. This transfer is the first step for the student to enrich their knowledge before they enter to the wide society in the future.

In University of Brawijaya, the awareness about research has been built step by step. Bigger support from each faculties and the university, as well, encourage the student of Brawijaya to deepen the research matter. That support consists of guidance, counseling, funding, and easier bureaucracy. Day by day, that support succeeds. Several years ago, the participant of PKM from the university reached to 400 proposals, defeated University of Indonesia (UI), and Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB).

Unfortunately, most of the proposal comes from physical science faculties. Student from different faculty, that is social science faculty, confused on what they should research. It is because of the social science that is sometimes rigid. The same situation happens on Faculty of Economics and Businesses.

Because of that, Lingkar Studi Mahasiswa Ekonomi dan Bisnis (LSME) as an organization of research in Faculty of Economics and Businesses is trying to upgrade the behavior of critical thinking as a first step to begin a best and scientific research about social science as well. This effort is also purposed to increase the mood of student of FEB to participate on Pekan Mahasiswa Ilmiah Nasional (PIMNAS) held by Ditjen Dikti. Hopefully, student of FEB can contribute by the PKM. Because of that, we want to hold an event, that is Training and Brainstorming PKM FEB UB 2015 with the theme Shine Up Your Creativity through PKM Dikti

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