Training CIES 2019

Management League 2019 “ Mes que un departemento, pero una familia”
28 April 2019
ECONOMIC Sharia WEEKS 7 2019
28 April 2019

Training CIES 2019 is a follow-up of CIES Training that aims to deepen the previous training and advance the development of human resources, because CIES in its steps requires a core supplement that is qualified members and committed to carry out the missionary mandate in the field of Islamic economics. The activity was carried out in several locations, namely the Faculty of Economics and Business Brawijaya University, Muhajirin Mosque and Coban Talun. Training CIES 2019 was held on 27-28 April 2019.

This activity was carried out with members of the 2016-2017 CIES group as the committee and members of the 2018 group as participants. The activity began with remarks from the Chairman of CIES, the chief executive then continued with the presentation of three materials; political economy, preaching urgency, jama’i deeds. The material was delivered by three presenters; Mohammad Ilham Lathief Makbul, Alfian Tanjung, and Ustadz Sholahuddin.

After giving the material which was held at FEB UB, the participants mobilized to the mabit place, the Muhajirin Mosque. The first agenda at the mabit place was the preparation of the participants and reciting the Qur’an while waiting for sunset. After the Maghrib prayer, participants were directed to remit the task to the committee. Next, the participants and the committee held the evening prayer ‘together and had dinner together. The final agenda before the night break is to present the group assignments that have been made by each group to the other participants and the committee.

The next day, participants were woken up in the early hours of the morning to undergo joint evening prayers and evaluation among members. The activity continued with the implementation of the morning prayer, morning dhikr and free hours. At this time participants are allowed to clean themselves, clean up their belongings, or just mingle with other fellow participants.

At 06.00 participants were directed to mobilize towards Coban Talun by taking angkots. Arriving at Coban Talun, participants were gathered to warm up their bodies before carrying out the outbound agenda. During the outbound events, participants were separated between men and women and formed into groups. Outbound activities contain a series of games that rely on group cooperation, patience, concentration, and also interaction between participants. In this event it is hoped that members will be able to develop a family and cohesion spirit so that they can carry out their obligations as CIES members better.

At the end of the event, participants were asked to discuss with their friends to determine the group leader who was the coordinator of the 2018 group. The group leader consists of one male participant and one female participant. Then, the committee announced the award of the best male and female participants and the best group. The series of Training CIES 2019 activities concluded with the closing of the assembly prayer and group photos. Before leaving the Coban Talun outbound area, participants were invited to jointly clean up all the garbage in the area so that the surrounding environment was kept clean. At dhuhur, participants were sent back from Coban Talun to FEB UB by public transportation and remained accompanied by the committee until all participants had returned to their respective homes.

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