Period VIII Graduation Ceremony of 2018/2019
15 February 2019
17 February 2019

Need a process to get to know each other. Through this media training organization, it is expected that each individual will be invited to begin to understand colleagues who will build the organization together. Training Organization I activities are the initial debriefing for all elected BEM members to carry out their mandate for the next period. The theme of this activity is “Increasing self-actualization by optimizing the ability and self-potential to be dedicated to the surrounding environment”. While the purpose of Training Organization I is to establish intimacy and a sense of solidarity among the functionaries of BEM FEB UB and understanding the duties of new members as executors in KM FEB UB and Internalization of VISION, MISSION, GBHK, and AD / ART.

Training Organization I activities consist of TO Indoor, and TO Outdoor. The first stage is FNP (Fit and Proper Test) SGD (Small Group Discussion) which is held on Saturday, Saturday and Sunday, 26 January 27, 2019 in Building D 2.1, D 2.2, and D Class 2.3 rooms.

Then there is SGD (Small Group Discussion) held on Saturday, February 2, 2019 in the GU Hall 3rd floor and the theme raised in the discussion was “e-commerse vs. conventional, equality or justice”. When SGD participants will be divided into 5 perspectives, namely Conventional Retail Entrepreneurs, Retail Entrepreneurs E-Commerce, Society, Government and Students.

Then, for TO Indoor held on Sunday, February 10, 2019 in the Hall of Building D which presents 3 presenters who brought different material. The first session speaker was Tazki Theosofi with BEM Introduction material, the second session was Muhammad Nur Fauzan who presented the Student Movement material, and the last was Muhamad Dicky Kusnadi, the material was Action Management.

Next is the TO Outdoor activity held at Villa Wisma Tani, Batu, Malang on Saturday, d. Sunday, 16 dd February 17 2019. The event was held 2 days, participants and organizers stayed at the Villa. The TO Outdoor activity will be filled with various games as a means of gluing and entertainment for the participants and the committee itself.

On the last day TO Outdoor, a social project will be implemented that implements the role of students as agent of change in the form of a survey to the public about the problems and conditions in the region, so that students take part in fixing the problems around them.

The committee’s big hope is that this event can go according to what was planned beforehand. Support and cooperation from all parties is expected so that this event will run successfully. Amen.

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