Birokrasi Ujung Tombak Perekonomian
2 December 2015
2 December 2015

Unej Creative Competition 2015 or shortened by UCC 2015 is an annual event held by UKM Pelita Universitas Negeri Jember. Placed on Gedung Penalaran Universitas Negeri Jember, this event followed by 15 university which across nation. FEB UB go through this event with one team leadered by Dewi Izzatul Laila.

Team arrived in Jember at 9.30 p.m and could not follow “briefing” by event organizer due to late. As replace, team was given personal “briefing” by its LO. After done, team did last preparations dan gone to sleep for tomorrow set-up.

Day peak happen in second day of event. Presentation we did in Gedung Penalaran Unversitas Negeri Jember and judged by 3 jure from Universitas Negeri Jember. FEB UB team acquired turn right before adzan Ashar. At all, presentation ran well.

At third day all UCC 2015 participant automatically participated on a seminar themed “Pemuda”. The seminar started at 08.30 a.m and ended at 1.30 p.m. At the end of seminar, there is a surprise from the event organizer. That is the winner announcement. Unfortunately, FEB UB team could not become the winner.

Actually at fourth day, a field trip to natural and made-in travel held by the event organizer. Unfortunately, FEB UB team must go back earlier due to middle test next day. Team went to Malang at 8.10 a.m using train and arrive at 1.30 p.m


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