Work Deliberation of LPM Indikator

2 June 2017
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2 June 2017


Work Deliberation in an organization is a container that has the highest authority to determine the steps of an organization. This is very important because of the technical plan and strategy of an organization. As a follow-up to the Annual Member Meeting of Indikator XXXI which has established and determined the structure and outline of the organizational guide, a Work Deliberation which will be called Musyawarah Kerja (Muker) to establish the future direction of the Indikator.

               Work Deliberations held on 24 to 26 March mark the stretching activity in the body of this press agency which was attended by all members of the Indikator which amounted to 49 people. With the aim of formulating working steps with the organization in a period of stewardship so that Indicator work more clear, so as to achieve the goals that have been set. The activity was themed introducing the form of management and working system in Indikator during the new management period, and the activity is in the form of a meeting held in Building D Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB).

               One by one division and staff in it stepped forward to expose their targets in the future. Not only become a merely dream, well-established targets are also coupled with tactics and strategies that qualified. Not to mention also the Work Program in bahasa is Program Kerja (Proker) flagship is prepared as a powerful weapon in achieving the target. In order for all members of the Indikator can synergize the new work system and know the workflow of each staff in the Indikator.

               Three exhausting days while conducting Muker activities became a new challenge in achieving the targets that have become the benchmark of future Indikator members, this ongoing activity has marked the commencement of a new chapter for LPM Indikator. Work Deliberation of LPM Indikator work is expected to bring this press agency into an organization that is increasingly characterized and upright to voice the truth.

Regards PERSMA!

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