Let The Art Moves You As It Colors Your Soul

6 August 2019
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10 August 2019

Competitions are an opportunity for EDC to show their existence and ability, also to test the creativity of EDC members. Starting from this desire, the EDC tried to maximally raise the name of the Faculty of Economics and Business to maintain what has been achieved before. On September 7, 2019, EDC Teams of modern dance and hiphop genres will take part in a competition called “PNB Art Creativity Competition” at the Bali State Polytechnic.

EDC sent a modern hiphop special delegation team consisting of 7 people. Among them are: Gilang Hugo Innocento (Management 2016), Rizki Puji Lestari (Management 2017), Fahmi Arizalu (Economics 2017), Exi Aldila Nuarita Duri (2018), Winny Kezia Anggara (Accounting 2018), Cantika Intan Millenia Alnarissa (Economic Science) 2018), Ika Octavia (Economics 2018).

This competition is a national competition participated by all modern hiphop dancers in Indonesia from students, student level and general public throughout Indonesia. The competition which was held on September 7, 2019 had no video selection stage. Instead, they came directly to the competition venue and danced the dance that had been prepared after 6 months of the EDC delegation team doing the training.

Economics and Business Dance Club (EDC) brought 7 delegates and performed modern hiphop dance and was able to compete with other participants, so that they won 3rd place. It is hoped that for the following competitions, EDC can regain the championship again and produce and maintain other achievements.