2nd National Economic Fair for Our Ideas ( 2nd NEFORIA)

FEB UB Raih Good Practice Award dari ABEST 21
17 March 2017
Kegiatan Latihan Rutin 1 Economics Basketball of Brawijaya University
22 March 2017

NEFORIA second activities started with Economic Olympiad for South Sulawesi senior high school students on March 2nd, 2017 along with the arrival of LKTI delegations. Technical meeting was held at night by the committee to explain in details about how the competition goes tomorrow. The materials for presentation were also collected at the same time with the distribution of presentation numbers.

On March 3rd, 2017 the competition was started. Participants who did not get to present their materials were placed at different room in order to prevent the last participant to guess the answers which was given by the adjudicators. Fortunately, everything went well when we presented our materials. We also answered the questions which was given. But, due to the lack of preparation for this competition, some materials were passed. There was also audio problem at the same time. This event was divided into 2 sections, before and after dhuhur. Presentation was ended by giving souvenir pennant by the head of Economics Science Association for adjudicators.

The next event were National Seminar and Gala Dinner, held on March 4th, 2017. This National Seminar discussed about the raising of Indonesian economy in global. This topic was spoken by Dr. Syarkawi Rauf,S.E.,M.E who is a head of Indonesia Trade Competition Commision. He explains about big potential which is had by our country in economic and supported by government with even development by building its infrastructure. Next section was spoken by Ir. Thomas Raya Tandisau, a Functional Engineering Bodies Central River Region Pompengan Jeneberang Ministry PUPR. He explained about the importance of water for life and use water wisely.

In the evening, Gala Dinner was held at Functional House Mayor of Makassar. Relaxing and fun activities were going on. Finally the moment came the announcement of winners. Unfortunately we have not managed to get the win. The victory was gained by the University Hassanudin as champion 3, University of Technology Surabaya as champion 2, and 1 place was won by the Islamic University of Indonesia. After the announcement of the winners show continued with a meal together accompanied by entertainment and photo with the delegation. Before the return of the delegates were given the opportunity to enjoy a week night at Losari.


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