53 FEB UB Students Have Underwent Judicial Odd Semester TA. 2018/2019

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Monday (09/09/2018), located in the Hall of F building on the 7th floor of the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya there has been a judicial session on odd semester academic year 2018/2019 FEB UB. This event was attended by Dr. Moh. Khusaini, SE., M.Sc., MA. as Deputy Dean III for Student Affairs FEB UB, Setyo Tri Wahyudi, SE., MEc., Ph.D. as Head of the Department of Economics, Finance and Banking, Risna Wijayanti, SE., MM. As Secretary of Management, Yeney Widya Prihatiningtias, SE., Ak., MSA., DBA. As Secretary of Accounting, and the judiciary participants were 53 students.

53 judicial participants consisted of 17 Economics students, 18 Management students, 18 Accounting students. Before reading the decree of the Dean, Dr. Moh. Khusaini, SE., M.Sc., MA. congratulate students for undergoing judicial review, which means that students will pass one step to success. “You will become an economics graduate, meaning that with this judiciary you can go through one step of success in your life,” he said.

He also advised students to balance science and faith as the key to success in the world and in the hereafter. Not to forget he also urged students to keep the good name of the alma mater wherever they are going to have a career later. Then after reading the Decree of the Dean, the results of the decision were read by the officials in each department.

Towards the end of the event, one of the students’ students went forward to convey the message and impression while studying at FEB UB, he was Gede Krisnawan (Accounting 2014). In his remarks, he expressed that he was very grateful to be able to study at FEB UB and was grateful to have been treated by various student organizations in FEB UB. After that, the event ended with a congratulatory giving session from the ranks of FEB UB officials.

Fiki Putri
Fiki Putri
Reporter Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Brawijaya

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