7 November 2017
Sosialisasi Mekanisme Cuti Akademik dan Pengunduran Diri secara Online
7 November 2017

Indonesian Student International Conventioan (ISIC) is an annual academic event held by Indonesian Student Association from entire the world. This year, Indonesian Student Association-United Kingdom become homebase for this event in University of Warwick. ISIC 2017 held for two days on 24th – 27th July 2017, while paper competition started on 26th July 2017. There were many kind of competitions this years, such as international conferences, paper competition, poster competition. In ISIC 2017 we joined paper competition, which choosen from 801 applier to 20 invited presenter to present the paper in University of Warwick.

               The first day on 26th July 2017, there were some schedule. First session was :“Keynote Speech: Indonesia’s Demographic Boost in 2030” by Sudirman Said (Former Minister of Energy and Mineral Resource, Republic of Indonesia), and then “Main Panel Discussion: How Can Indonesia Budding Creative Industry & Entrepreneurship Solidify Indonesia’s Creative Economy?”, by Dr. David Johnson (Professor of Reader in Comparative and International Education, University of Oxford), Dr. TGH. Muhammad Zainul Majdi, M.A (Governor of West Nusa Tenggara, Republic of Indonesia). After break time, continued for Academic Paper Competition part 1.

               Second day, 27th July 2017, started with “Main Panel Discussion: Diverging Road After Postgraduate Studies: Industry or Academia”, with speakers from some teachers from universities around England. And then, continued by Indonesian Scholars Forum and Expert Panel. After the break, there waere presentation by ISF as an expert researchers. At the end of the day, announced time for Best Presentation Paper Competition ISIC 2017.

               Although it was a short event, ISIC 2017 was impressed us and gave many insight for us as student from Indonesia. This event was full of values of academics insight with many expert researchers inside, the researchers tried to solve the nation problem using academics theories and then implemented the result. And also it was was very entertaint event with Tulus as a guestar in the opening of this event. We hope this event will be more successful to enhance the capacity of Indonesian student in the future. And it will create a high quality of the new young generation for Indonesia.

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