The 14th Hokkaido Indonesian Student Association Scientific Meeting (HISAS 14)

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30 March 2017
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30 March 2017

The 14th Hokkaido Indonesian Student Association Scientific Meeting (HISAS 14) is an annual activity of PPI Hokkaido held since 2001. The event is an activity HISAS scientific presentations aimed at exchanging knowledge and technology by students / researchers developing its knowledge in the field. The event was attended by student of all levels of education ranging from S1, S2, and S3. HISAS has become one of the scientific forum of students and researchers are prestigious and acknowledged its existence.

In this year HISAS 14 which will be held at Hokkaido University on 18-19 March 2017 to lift a theme of “Indonesia Sustainble Development Goals: Chance and Challenge for Better Future”. A total of 75 papers selected were divided into 5 fields will be presented at this event. The areas of research that will be presented include the Health and Life Science (Biology, Chemistry, Medicine, Pharmacy), Innovation and Technology (Earth and Planetary Science, Energy & Power Systems, Novel Disaster Mitigation Engineering Toward Future, Remote Sensing, Microsatellite), Agrotechnology (Agriculture , Holticulcure and Fisheries), suistainable Environment and Renewable Energy (Coastal and Watersheed Management, Disaster Management, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Science, Climate Change, Geology, Mining), and the Social and Human Sciences (Social Sciences and Sustainabilities, Socioeconomics Relations, Socio- humanities). In the event that all researchers and students will present solutions based on their research to be applied in order to resolve the problems.

In this competition, Faculty of Economic and Business University of Brawijaya send a team delegate. Mohammad Ilham Lathief Makbul (155020500111037) majoring Economic and Muhammad Haqqi Hudan Maulana (155020200111079) majoring Management.

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