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22 August 2016
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24 August 2016

Economic growth is increasing year after year in Indonesia and developing countries in general. Each sector is growing rapidly, both the goods producing sector, services, and perdagangan.Setiap resources and factors of production is maximized to seek maximum profit.

Indonesia is essentially the potential countries rich in natural resources which can be processed into a value. But a lot of people who are not aware of it. Gains in the can if it can develop these resources must be very large.

Economic yangmerupakan one of the most important sectors in the success of a country negara.Keberhasilan the one seen from the success of any region in economic development with environmental sensitivity. One of them was built on the creative industries can be a forerunner to the milestone strength nasional.Dengan the theme Optimizing Based Local Potential Excellence and Competitive Economy, the presence of the Business Plan Competition (BPC) as one way to realize the ideals of the nation in the context of social welfare with innovative business ideas that can create creative products competitive yet environmentally sound. Creation of the business opportunity itself includes four things, namely:

  1. Businesses culinary
  2. Provision of services
  3. Technological innovation
  4. indusri creative.

How do I manage the potential of Indonesia’s natural resources in order to be a solution to the problem of the domestic economy so as to create a superior product that is environmentally sound.

Event Name that we held was “WEEK OF NATIONAL ECONOMY (PENA) SRIWIJAYA JILID II 2016”. With the theme “Optimizing Based Local Potential Economic Excellence and Competitive” Building on the tri dharma college this event aims to channel the talents of students, especially in the activities of writing a business plan to pour his thoughts in dealing with economic problems and Contribute to the advancement of the nation and the government.

This event was held on 27-29 May 2016 at the Faculty of Economics, University of Sriwijaya. Participants activities of university students throughout Indonesia.

Targeted delivery of this delegation is to be the name of the UB in general and the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya in particular, at the national level. While the results achieved from these activities is the university delegation brawijaya team won the favorite winner.

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