call for paper delegation 8th National ECCENT UNAIR SURABAYA

SPARKLING ECORA 2015 Economics and Business Dance Club
6 July 2015
WINNER 3 of the National Scientific Writing Contest 2015 Event Economic Airlangga University
8 July 2015

Indonesia’s economy suffered shocks from the financial crisis that occurred in mid-1997 the broad impact and affect nearly all joints of the national economy. Indonesia is known as a country rich in natural resources and human resources capable of dealing with it. The potential of natural resources in the industrial sector is one of them, this sector is capable of providing added value and contribute to the growth of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 20.65%. This growth occurred in all sectors of the economy. Fiscal stimulus is one of the policies that will help the performance of the economy so as to encourage the performance of the national industry. Indeed the industrial sector accounted for the largest GDP, but since 2005 growth in this sector is likely to slow down. Even growth is below the economic growth.
The Ministry of Industry said Indonesia’s economic growth in 2013 experienced a slight slowdown. Cumulatively, the growth of the national economy during the third quarter of 2013 reached 5.83 percent, lower than the cumulative growth in the same period last year was 6.26%. Indonesia’s economic growth rate of 5.01% in 2014 was the slowest pace since the last five years, exactly tahun2009 amounted to 4.27%. This proves the Indonesian economy has not sustained by good economic structure. Therefore, to encourage the role of the industrial sector is very necessary to implement by 1). Improvement of Education in order to improve the quality of human resources 2). Increasing the competitiveness of national industrial products 3). Increase the research on technology to improve upstream and downstream industries 4) .Pemerataaan industrial deployment 5). Increasing the role of financial institutions for the industrial sector capitalization.
These challenges make Indonesia at risk of experiencing a declining trend in the sector inndustri. Therefore, the necessary preventive policies or concrete strategies to deal with it, to maintain economic stability and sustainable economic growth, with the hope that Indonesia can have a strong economy and equitable development so that Indonesia can be a powerful industrial country and become a developed country.

“Pushing StrategyRole-Based IndustrialInnovationandTechnology”

The event aims to:
1. Participants areexpected tounderstand the materialseminarwith the theme”Promoting StrategyRole-Based IndustrialInnovationandTechnology”
2. With theICI, participants are expected to increase thecompetence ofmakinga papergradeand was instrumentalin the development ofsciencein the future.
3. Through the activities ofCompany Visitparticipants candirect knowledge ofthe managementand operation ofcompanies thatvisit.
4. Overallactivityaimstoestablish a good relationshipbetweenuniversitiesinIndonesiawhofollow these events, particularlyfrom the Departmentof Economics.

Based onprovisionsin the selectioncommitteeearly stages, said delegatesfrom UBhas escapedOlympicsNationalIslamiceconomicsandentitled to participate inthe racecontinuedon behalf of:
1. Moh. Hamilunni’am(NIM 135020507111009), students ofthe Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics andBusiness, University ofBrawijayainforcein 2013.
2. RizkyDwiSaputra(NIM 135020401111006), students ofthe Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics andBusiness, University ofBrawijayainforcein 2013.
3. RitaIndariatik(NIM 145020301111020) students from the Departmentof AccountingFaculty of EconomicsandBusiness, University ofBrawijayainforcein 2014.

Time and Place of Execution
The event was heldon:
Day/Date: Tuesday-Friday, 9-12June 2015
Points: Airlangga UniversityCampus

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