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17 November 2015
17 November 2015

CTA activities held on June 8, precisely on Monday. In accordance with the decision of the committee, all participants who take part should assemble at Persada Supermarket right at 05:30 pm, but many participants who come late. Hours are demonstrated precisely at 06.00 am but the bus is still yet to come. Apparently there miss comunication between the agent and the driver. Waiting at the bus driver FEB while participants wait at Persada Supermarkets, but not for some time the bus driver contacted to come to the Paersada Supermarkets. Promptly at 6:10 pm the bus came, the organizers and the participants started to get ready to leave. At 06.15 pm we departed from the poor. On the way to Jember, not forgetting the steering committee to guide the participants to read the prayer in advance so that our travel smoothly and safely to the destination. Then proceed with the distribution of consumption for all participants and participants consuming consumption. Finished eating each participant busy with activities and activities of each, there are playing guitar, singing, playing hp, jokes, and so on. Approximately 5 hours on our way from the poor to the Jember, many participants were asleep. Before reaching Jember, the committee ordered the bus driver to stop in Pasuruan to pick Rizky, as Chairman of CIES. Arriving in Pasuruan, the bus driver stopped and Mas Rizky bus ride then we continue the journey. Around 11:30 pm we arrived at the University of Jember. When we got there, we were greeted cheerfully by children KSEI (Islamic Economics Study Group) FE UNEJ. Before the event started, we carry out worship noon prayers at once menjamak with asr prayers. After all the participants completed before we were directed and carried by one of the children KSEI FE UNEJ to the main courtroom FE UNEJ, and that’s where we start the event to exchange information. At the beginning of the show, do not forget the welcome of each party, the first speech of the chairman of KSEI UNEJ, welcome both of the chairman of the CTA and the third speech of the Vice Dean 3 FE UNEJ. Done remarks from Assistant Dean 3 FE UNEJ then we officially opened the event.

                The first event is sing Indonesia Raya and Mars FoSSEI (Forum silahturahmi Islamic Economic Studies), then proceed with the delivery of each proker KSEI. Proker delivery of the first delivered by FE KSEI KSEI UNEJ and followed by CIES. After the delivery of finished proker then opened the question and answer session that starts from KSEI KSEI CIES followed FE UNEJ. In the question and answer session here we spent a lot of time. Around 15:30 pm we finished the event. Then continued with the pennant and a group photo of FE UNEJ KSEI and KSEI CIES.

                Question and answer session a lot of information we get about a variety of things from KSEI UNEJ. HR issues such as the small number of enthusiasts and experts were inadequate. This can be seen from the majority of committee members are women. When coaching the form of Small Group Discussion (SGD) is the means of knowledge transfer is still not able to walk properly. They do not yet have the curriculum so that the material is not structured. But it seemed reasonable because they were just a year old so that they can develop and evaluate themselves.

                From friends CIES also many questions about proker-proker and departments UNEJ KSEI. Proker form of One Book One Alumnus which require the old members who have been inactive or active to donate books to KSEI so that members can use for reference and add to knowledge. Furthermore C3B (Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented Sufficiency and) who is teaching for children performed by female members. And also the discussion about the symbols and HR departments that have similar proker a seminar. Then function RNI department (Research and Implementation) relating to scientific assessments.

                From this event we can look in the mirror to evaluate CIES agency. Where from the delivery performed by KSEI UNEJ add our insights about the importance of managing and maintaining a cadre organization. From year to year our shortfall is too dwell on the system and concept than execution so that sometimes do not become apparent planned activities. From this visit we realized the importance of commitment to contribute to the organization so it can continue to provide improvements.

                Before returning to Malang, we took time to sample the culinary Jember, which he visited. Jember culinary tour we visited, namely a culinary mushroom noodles, which come from the manufacture of potato noodles. About 20 minutes we waited and finally mushrooms noodles ready to eat. Jember culinary tasting finished, then we proceeded to go to the poor.

                17:00 pm traveling toward the poor. On the way one of us asking questions that must be answered funny, and almost all of the answers given do not make sense. After a while, one of us began to tell about the mysterious things that make us afraid. Finished, we were all getting tired and began to fall asleep one by one. Did not feel we got the university brawijaya at 22:30 pm, but the bus stops at the Persada Supermarkets and we all started to go down and tidied up all our belongings. Then the participants return to the house each.

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