Company Visit Himpunan Jurusan Manajemen 2016

1 November 2016
1 November 2016

At the current higher level education, it requires to be capable of upgrading their student to win the rivalry. High education world requires not only about the realm of science, but also about creating excellent human resource in case of job competition and to grow an entrepreneurship spirit of the students. Current development requires the emergence of new entrepreneurs who will be capable of accommodating labor and creating job vacancies and also increasing per capita income/gross domestic product.

It is important thing for educational world to not only capable of producing scholars with science only, but it’s also important to have a non-academic potencies supporting. Theoretical studies that we have learned in college need to be sharpened with beyond knowledge, because it was not supported by any direct practice.

Himpunan Jurusan Manajemen Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Brawijaya (HMJM FEB-UB) is one of the student organizations from Management Department, Faculty of Economic and Business, University of Brawijaya that has a mission to develop potency and quality of human resources in Management Department scope, in order to have a competitive advantage. One of HMJM’s short-term objective is to open and strengthen good relations or networks with external party such as alumnus, and other organizations which will be used by Management’s students. This development of potency and quality was HMJM’s mission in order to support lecturing activities in the future that will be expected to make a balance between academic and non-academic.

For the sake of actualizing that mission, HMJM will be holding an activity that materialized in “Company Visit 2016”. The goal of this activity is to completing or perfecting academic knowledge that students of Management Department Faculty of Economic and Business have had already. Besides that, we hope that this activity will be able to create an image of Management Department, Faculty of Economic and Business, University of Brawijaya that is potential and qualified.

Company Visit 2016 is a visiting companies activity to know more about how to implementing academic knowledge that were learned already in the classroom. This activity is open to all students of Management Department University of Brawijaya. This activity will be held from November 30th until December 4th, 2016. This activity destination is Surabaya that will be continued to Bali. Therefore, let’s join us!


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