Delegasi The Miracle of Hallyu Tulungagung Dance Cover Competition 2016

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12 July 2016
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15 July 2016

Art is one part of the human soul which can be expressed in various ways and received by the senses. In daily life, we can find many forms of art expression in human life, especially students. One form of art expression is dance.

Honing the students art especially in dance is one of the important things to develop the students creativity. Of course, there are many ways that could be done as an effort to increase the creativity of students like joining the competition as a form of delegation. In addition, the importance of improving the quality of human resources especially students of the Faculty of Economics and Business is the background of Economics and Business Dance Club (EDC) Universitas Brawijaya to follow dance cover competition. Dance cover is one kind of dance that growing rapidly in Indonesia which Korea as the kiblat of this type of dance. Dance Cover is also one kind of dance where a dance team mimic every move, detail, technique, and even the expressions of the dancers in the video to be competed.

In this opportunity, Economics and Business Dance Club (EDC) Universitas Brawijaya will join dance cover competition. The name of this dance cover competition is ‘The Miracle of Hallyu Tulungagung, Cover Dance and Sing Cover Competition 2016’. The competition is the second delegation of EDC in 2016 period.


“Cover Dance and Sing Cover”


In general, the purpose of this delegation is to improve the quality of human resources especially to enhance the creativity of dance as a form of student expression in their love in art and increase the number of students in dance experience. Moreover, the specific purpose to be achieved through this delegation is to tighten up the relationship between the students throughout Indonesia as well as creating a sportive astmosphere competition for students especially from dance competition.


This competition will be held on:

day / date        : Sunday, August 14, 2016

time                 : 12:00 to 22:00 (adjusting to the competition schedule)

place                : Hotel Barata Tulungagung

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