Delegation Call of Paper : “FACOGENOREST (FMIPA Care for Our Green Forest) 2016”

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18 May 2016
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19 May 2016


According to the vision and mission of UB, the delegation participate in a national competition level which bring the good name of UB in general and the Faculty of Economics and Business in particular, is one manifestation of the development of science, during which only gained through education in the classroom , Also to broaden and enrich the science that has been obtained, the student is advised to follow the competition to improve skill that has been gained.

FACOGENOREST (FMIPA Care for Our Green Forest) 2016 is a papers competition held by the Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa (BEM) Fakultas MIPA Universitas Negeri Padang. This event national competition level, followed by students throughout Indonesia through the selection process. The competition is also expected to be a meeting place for all universities in Indonesia to share knowledge and experience.

The desire to grow and add insight that is the inspiring us to follow the event FACOGENOREST (FMIPA Care for Our Green Forest) 2016  by sending a delegation that will be representative of UB in the race to be the best and get a champion in the event.


Presentation of 10 finalists was held at Padang University on 22 April 2016. The delegation are:

  1. University of Brawijaya, 2 team
  2. University of Negeri Padang, 1 team
  3. University of Sebelas Maret, 1 team
  4. Institute Technology of Sepuluh Nopember, 1 team
  5. University of Islam Indonesia, 1 team
  6. IKIP PGRI Jember, 1 team
  7. University of Sumatera Utara, 1 team
  8. University of Negeri Malang, 1 team
  9. University of Negeri Medan, 1 team

On this day will also be an announcement of the event winners Facogenorest. Selected participants from all universities in Indonesia to present their scientific papers well in the presence of the judges. The day event held from 07.30 am until 16.00 pm. In the end the winner was determined from Call of Paper Facogenorest 1st place was won by the University of Brawijaya with namely Rina Qurrotul Aini, 2nd place was won by University of Brawijya with namely Linda Dewi Rahayu, and 3rd place was won by the University of Sumatera Utara with namely Mohammad Adanan Purba.

Theme of event

“Gerakan Nyata Peduli Lingkungan Menuju Indonesia Berhias (Bersih, Hijau, dan   Asri) Guna Menyelamatkan Paru-Paru Dunia”


  1. To increase University Student creativity in the free market of ASEAN
  2. To make ideas about Indonesia economics

The Execution day

Event     : FACOGENOREST (FMIPA Care for Our Green Forest) 2016

Date       : 21-24 April 2016

Place      : Universitas Negeri Padang Sumatera Barat

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