MBAE 2018
25 November 2018
PUBLIC SPEAKING TRAINING 2018 Good Speaker for Future Leader
25 November 2018

Forum Ukhuwah Lembaga Dakwah Fakultas Ekonomi se-Indonesia (FULDFEI) is a formal forum for the network of the Lembaga Dakwah Fakultas Ekonomi (LDFE) throughout Indonesia. Today, the demands of professional institutions are increasing and the needs in them are more diverse. So, this has become a necessity to make the faculty preaching more advanced, quality, and foremost in carrying out the mission and mission of da’wah in Indonesia.

4th National Conference of Forum Ukhuwah Lembaga Dakwah Fakultas Ekonomi se-Indonesia (FULDFEI) 2017-2018’s period was held on November 23-25 ​​2018, be placed at Jenderal Sudirman University. As for Forstilling FEB UB delegates four students : Muhammad Salahudin Al Ayyubi (Economics, 2015), Roby Aulia Zamora (Economics, 2016), Elly Rahmawati (Economics, 2015), and Nadhira Azhaarina Firdaus (Management, 2015).               Opening Ceremony of 4th National Conference of Forum Ukhuwah Lembaga Dakwah Fakultas Ekonomi se-Indonesia (FULDFEI) be placed at FEB UNSOED’s auditorium, to coincide on Friday, November 23rd, 2018. 4th National Conference of FULDFEI opened with a few greetings. First greetings be delivered by Chief Executive of 4th National Conference of FULDFEI, Arman Maulana. The next greetings be delivered by Chairman of Unit Kerohanian Islam (UKI) FEB UNSOED, Rachmat Faozie. Then followed by greetings from Chairman of the Student Executive Board FEB UNSOED, Faathirrahman. Then continued the greetings from National Coordinator, Muhammad Rifai. As a complement to the series of events, added by greetings from the coach of UKI FEB UNSOED, Mr. Wahyudin, S.Ag., M.Si. The speech was closed by the Deputy Dean of FEB UNSOED, Mr. Dr. Rachmat Priyono, M.Si. while officially opening the series of events.

After the opening and greetings, it continued at the core event, the National Conference which began with a reading session and discussion of the FULDFEI Articles of Association to redirect the National Conference participants to the essence of FULDFEI itself. Three hours passed, and the Articles of Association discussion was completed, then continued with the selection and formation of a new trial presidium. It didn’t take long, three new presidiums were chosen to continue the next agenda.

The next agenda is the session on submission of accountability reports from the FULDFEI’s Daily Management Board for the 2017-2018 period. Submission of accountability report from the FULDFEI’s Daily Management Board this time is quite complicated, because it turns out there are several evaluations that must be considered. For example, there are a lot of daily administrators in certain regions who are not active, some projects in the Regional and National levels are not going well and properly, some targets in this period have not run optimally, and FULDFEI’s regeneration is still unclear. The trial for submitting the accountability report finally ended at 10:00 p.m.

On Saturday, precisely on November 24th, 2018, the next series of events is the reading and discussion of the Bylaws for the direction of FULDFEI, as material for evaluation and improvement in the following period. The discussion of the Bylaws this time was quite conducive with very active and critical participants. This shows that the participants of the Lembaga Dakwah Fakultas Ekonomi (LDFE) has the seeds of fighters and superior leaders to continue the leadership in the future.

After the Bylaws’s readings and discussions are over, the next program is the selection of the Formation Team to form and determine the National Daily Management Board consisting of National Coordinators and their staff and five Regional Coordinators spread throughout Indonesia, and takes about half an hour to finally elect nine Team Formatur.

The Formation Team has been formed, so the nine people deliberate in determining who has the right to occupy seats in the National Daily Management Board and Coordinator of each region. More than one hour has passed, but the Formation Team still cannot give a decision regarding the names generated from the deliberations. The announcement of the results of the deliberations about who was elected as the National Daily Management Board was finally postponed until tomorrow morning, because it was already too late.

In the next day on Sunday, November 25th, 2018 the next period of the Daily Management Board was elected, after passing various kinds of considerations and selection. The National Coordinator for the 2018-2019 Period was occupied by Yunus Abdul Aziz from Sebelas State University in March, the Secretary General was occupied by Mukhlisin from Riau University, the National Secretary held by Ira Anggareni from Semarang State University, and the National Treasury occupied by Ratna Ariska from Yogyakarta State University. The selected 1st Coordinator Regional was Deni Andhika from the University of Lampung, the selected 2nd Coordinator Regional was Rizki Hafiz from Telkom University, the selected 3rd Coordinator Regional was Rizal Prasasti from Semarang State University, the selected 4th Coordinator Regional was Abdul Rasyid from Yogyakarta State University, and the selected 5th Coordinator Regional was Muhammad Iqbal Hutanto from Surabaya State University. Hopefully all the National Daily Management Board and selected Regional Coordinators will be able to carry out this trusteeship well for the brighter future of FULDFEI.

After the announcement of the selected names, followed by Field Trip to Baturraden as the final series of the National Conference before each participant returned to their respective regions. Roaming and sightseeing in Baturraden only lasted about one and a half hours, then several participants had to go to their respective places of departure to go home.

The 4th National Conference of FULDFEI event was officially ended, and in the future FULDFEI is expected to be able to improve the existence in the field of dakwah of the Faculty of Economics at the national level, as well as improve relations and quality of Forstilling as part of FULDFEI.