Accounting Championship 2019

14 September 2019
LPJ Invention, Innovation, and Design Exposition (IIDEX 2019)
15 September 2019

This race starts with preliminary which is started by several registrar teams. From all registrants, 24 best teams were invited to be invited to Jember University and the Olympic organizers there. We are grateful that our score is included in the 24 highest teams. We left for Jember on Wednesday 11 September 2019 at 16.05 and arrived at 20.52. The 2019 Accounting Championship event series begins with registration to list the teams that are already present. After completing the registration, the event was opened by the MC. The opening ceremony began with singing the national anthem of Indonesia and welcoming and welcoming. After being greeted, they were greeted with a screening of the 2019 Jember Accounting Fair video. The event continued with a Technical Meeting for the preliminary round. Followed by session questions session 1 and session 2 session. After finishing sessions 1 and 2, a technical meeting was held for the semifinal round by the committee that was taken. Next was the announcement of the top 8, our team was ranked in the round and had not had the opportunity to take part in the semifinals and finals. After announcing the top 8, the activity began with a fieldtrip conducted at Papuma Beach in Jember. Participants first check in at the Royal Jember Hotel, then at 2:00 pm the participants left for Papuma Beach. There are outbound activities conducted on the outskirts of the beach that are expected so that participants from various universities can get to know each other. The event was continued by attending the semifinals and finals which took place in the Multimedia Room and Class Room at the Faculty of Economics, University of Jember. Participants who did not qualify to watch until the end of the round. National Seminar. 1st place was won by Airlangga University, 2nd place was won by Universitas Multimedia Nusantara and 3rd place was won by Airlangga University.