Accounting League 2018

Students of FEB UB Enthusiastly Follow The Activity of Alumni Bakti Lecture
16 April 2018
18 April 2018

Accounting League is one of the work programs of Student Association of Accounting Major (HMJA) Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Brawijaya University (UB) especially in the Human Resources Department. Accounting League is an annual proker that is held every year. Accounting League serves as a forum for the development of interest and talents of active students S1 Accounting FEB UB. The event form of the Accounting League is in the form of a sportsmanship competition.

Accounting League 2018 has 5 branches of competitions that have been contested are 5 sports such as football, basketball, basketball 3on3 (woman) and badminton. While the other 1 branch is electronic sports that will be played through Mobile Legend. The reason  Accounting League also held electronic sports is the enthusiasm of accounting students who  love the field of electronic sports and followed by the improvement of technology. In addition, there is also an Accounting League Internal event devoted to the board of HMJA FEB UB.

Accounting League 2018 will be held from 14 April to 6 May 2018. Accounting League 2018 Started by Opening Ceremony held at Viva Futsal on 29 April which contains remarks from representatives of majors, chairman of HMJA FEB UB, and representative of the committee. At the opening ceremony, starting with the futsal match of the provision phase between the forces. Then on April 15, 2018 held a badminton and basketball competition phase of allowance between forces in Rajabasa Sport Center and Araya Sport Center. After holding several sports competitions, on May 29, 2018 we will conduct an electronic sports competition in the form of Mobile Legend which is held at Basement of Faculty of Economics and Business. Next, on April 21, 2018 will be held badminton competition phase in Rajabasa Sport Center. And on April 22, 2018 held a football and basketball competition phase of allowance between forces in VIVA Futsal and Araya Sport Center. After that on April 28, 2018 will be conducted the final of badminton competition held at Rajabasa Sport Center. Then, May 5, will be conducted the final of basketball competition and futsal competition at Champion Mandala Tidar. And the last activity of Accounting League 2018 is Accounting League Internal held on May 6, 2018 held in the below court of Faculty of Economics and Business. The series of agenda of this event are some group games and cooking contest among board of HMJA FEB UB which hope able to glue and increase solidarity.

Accounting League 2017 takes place from 14 April to 6 May 2018. Located at Tidar Square, Araya Sport Center for football and basketball, Tombro Sport Center for Badminton and Brawijaya University Campus for Accounting League Internal. For about the location of the game, quite affordable from the campus so as to facilitate the mobility of the committee and participants. For mobility mechanism, the committee or participants use their respective vehicles.

Target participants of Accounting League 2018 achieved among others are the active students S1 Accounting from the force of 2014 to force 2017. How to get participants is through the registration process / registration of participants who are open. Participant registration funds are obtained through contributions from the 2016 Accouting League committee. For the allocation of prize funds or other equipment will be obtained through business funds and sponsorhip that will be cultivated by the Accounting League committee.

Hope for the implementation of Accounting League 2018 is achieved, this event runs smoothly and systematically. Able to facilitate well for students S1 active Accounting from the batch of 2014 to the batch of 2017. Able to increase solidarity between forces by upholding the value of sportsmanship in the game. And able to grow the superior seeds of accounting students in the field of non-academic to  make achievement in the future.