All ‘Bout Girl(ABG) Forum Studi Islam dan Lingkungan (Forstilling)

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12 April 2018
12 April 2018

All ‘Bout Girl or commonly called ABG is one form of student event event organized by Student Autonomous Institution in Faculty of Economics and Business UniversitasBrawijaya namely Forum of Islam and Environment (Forstilling). ABG is one of the Forstilling Work Program of Keputrian Bureau which is held every Friday during Friday prayer, as a forum for Muslim students of FEB UB to deepen the Islamic sciences especially in the matter of femininity. In addition, in the ABG also Muslim students in FEB UB supported and facilitation to train and develop soft skills ofMuslim women to be more skilled for things that should be controlled by women in general. Not only that, in the ABG will also raise the theme as well as discussing, studying and reviewing issues on women, especially Moslems who are flourishing in the community.

               There are two forms of activities in ABG, namely; Softskills Review and Development. The first is the form of study, in this study ABG will examine the sciences that should be owned in a Muslim woman. Also learn and discuss about how to plant a true aqeedah in a Muslim, then also will learn what deeds can be done by muslimah when being absent, in other opportunity will be discussed also about how should a woman put herself and feeling to the opposite sex . In this activity students are also given the opportunity to share and discuss it, related to fiqh woman. Then the second form of softskills development on all participants who attend the ABG, will be in the form of Handycraft, Handlettering, and Fun Cooking activities to train the Moslems to be skilled in cooking also pouring their creativity ideas to make a useful craft to fill the spare time and selling value.