Keseimbangan Primer
26 February 2019
The East Java 2019 Regional Scientific Meeting (TEMILREG)
27 February 2019

The East Java Regional Scientific Meeting or abbreviated as TEMILREG is an event for an Islamic economic race organized by FoSSEI (Islamic Economic Silaturrahim Forum) in East Java in collaboration with the Islamic Economic Study Group of Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang (SESCOM) with various fields of competition namely Islamic economic olympiad, Scientific Paper on Islamic Economics, and Pitching Competition in Islamic Economics. This event was aimed at all students active in the Islamic Economic Study Group in the East Java region. TEMILREG East Java is held on 24-26 February 2019. Various activities will be held in the series of events. Starting from national seminars, economic olympiads, pitching competitions, scientific writing competitions, group discussion forums, and srikandi talk shows. TEMILREG as FoSSEI’s annual routine agenda was held to strengthen relations between KSEI from various campuses in East Java, as well as proving the scientific quality of every rabbani economist. In this event the theme was “Strengthen Halal Industry Through Increasing Islamic Financial Literacy in Digital Era”.

In the field of Olympics in the selection there are three stages. The first stage is the preliminary round. In the preliminary round the Olympic participants work on the questions that have been given by the committee online. The top 10 participants will be selected to take part in the semifinal. In the semifinal round of competition in the form of Islamic economic debate. Then selected into the top 5 to participate in the third stage, namely the final round. In the final round participants will compete by being given a study case and then presented to determine the winner.

In the field of scientific writing and pitching competition there are 2 stages of selection. The first stage is the preliminary round that has been conducted online by sending a full paper or proposal. Then selected into 10 teams that will continue to the semifinal. In the semifinal round the participants made presentations with power point media which later they will be selected into 5 teams to enter the final round. In the final round participants will be given a study case and instructed to do it at that time using the power point media provided by the committee. Then the results of the work were presented before the judges to be selected as 3 champions.

In addition to the competition event, the other activities are national seminars organized by the TEMILREG committee and there is a Focus Group Discussion which will be attended by FoSSEI East Java Daily Management Bodies with the aim of sharing related issues in Islamic economics. Then there are also activities in the form of Srikandi Talk Show. In this activity, especially female participants were required to take part in this event. Because this activity will discuss matters related to women. This activity aims to strengthen each other’s participants in various KSEI in East Java.