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28 November 2018
30 November 2018

Brawijaya Accounting Fair is the largest annual work program from the Accounting
Department Student Association of FEB UB. This work program has the essence to improve the
existence of the Accounting Department to external. This year Brawijaya Accounting Fair 2018
will present the theme “Cryptocurrency: Accounting Regulation and Implementation”. BAF
2018 will consist of 5 series of events in the form of “Akuntan Mengajar”, National Accounting
Seminar, Accounting Olympiad, Field Trip, and Gala Dinner & Awarding Night.
Akuntan Mengajar is a series for accounting students FEB UB to have an impact on society, by
teaching to one of the Kindergartens in Malang City. The Teaching Accountants are held on
November 9-10 2018 at Al Muttaqien Kindergarten. The topics are about entrepreneurship and
the importance of saving money. BAF provided training to make handicrafts that could later be
sold, then for the importance of saving money, BAF in collaboration with ” SIPUPA” a puppet
show community that aims to entertain and teach children.

The National Accounting Seminar with the theme “Cryptocurrency: Accounting
Regulation and Implementation” was held on November 26, 2018 in the 3rd floor Gedung
Utama’s Hall of Economic and Business Faculty of Brawijaya University. The topics in this
seminar was delivered by FEB UNPAD Lecturer Ms. Ersa Tri Wahyuni SE, M.Acc., PhD., CA.,
CPMA., CPSAK. Mr. Danarto Tri Sasongko from representatives of Bank Indonesia, and M.
Deivito Dunggio as Lead Consultant from Indodax Indonesia. There were three sessions held at
the BAF 2018 National Seminar, the first was the current session on cryptoccurency in Indonesia
delivered by M. Deivito Dunggio from Indodax as a representative from the practitioner, the
second session concerning the regulation of cryptocurrency in Indonesia delivered by Mr.
Danarto Tri Sasongko from Bank Indonesia as the representative of the regulator, and the third
session on the implementation of cryptocurrency accounting in Indonesia delivered by Ms. Ersa
Tri Wahyuni from Padjadjaran University as a representative from the academics.

The Olympics are held on November 27, 2018 in the 3rd floor of Gedung Utama’s Hall
Economic and Business Faculty of Brawijaya University where 17 of the best teams from all
over Indonesia participated in the Olympiad, which had previously been selected through the
preliminary test. On November 28, 2018 a Field Trip was held with the aim of introducing tourist
attractions in Malang and surrounding areas to Student Accounting Departments from other
cities. Field trip was held in Jatim Park 2, Batu. The last series of Brawijaya Accounting Fair was
held on November 29, 2018, where the 10 best teams will continue to the Semi Final round and
the 5 best teams will advance to the Grand Final. In the evening it will be closed with a Gala
Dinner and Awarding Night which be held at the SAME Malang Hotel Ballroom. In the series
three best teams were won 1.2, and 3 at the 2018 Brawijaya Accounting Fair Olympiad. 1st
winner was won by the Jakarta Trisakti School of Management Team, 2nd winner was won by
the Widya Mandala Catholic University Team 1 Surabaya, and 3rd winner was won by the Widya
Mandala Catholic University team 3 Surabaya.