Catch The Flag 2017

Management Edutainment 2017: “Self Enforcing And Enriching Live by Social Entreprenurship”
21 November 2017
Donor Darah dan Cek Kesehatan Gratis
21 November 2017

A total of 65 students of Management Department of Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya (FEB UB) attended Catch The Flag event. Cacth The Flag 2017 was held in the form of entrepreneurship education game. The entrepreneurship educational game aims to increase creativity and create entrepreneurial spirit of students majoring in management of Faculty of Economics and Business. So, the event can support the target achievement of faculty in developing entrepreneurial potential. The event held on Sunday, November 12, 2017 in the Faculty of Economics and Business University Brawijaya was organized by the Student Association of Management Department (HMJM).

The Catch The Flag event started at 09.15 WIB and was officially opened by the head of the Management Association and Management Department of the Faculty of Economics and Business. The catch the flag has a theme, “Get The Rich through Leadership and entrepreneurship”. The theme is in line with the expectations desired by the organizers. To enliven the event, the organizers provide a total prize of millions of Rupiah.

 Catch The Flag 2017 event begins with a joint exercise between the organizers and participants. After that the participants were given two hours to find the triangle flag spread in the area of ​​the Faculty of Economics and Business. The colors of each flag have different points. The flags collected by each team will be redeemed with items used by the participants as a raw material for production. Participants then given time for one hour to create the creation of products from raw materials that have been owned and then sold to communities around the University of Brawijaya.

Three teams with the most sales get the prizes that have been provided by the organizers. Organizers hope Cacth the flag event in the future can be held with a larger number of participants and a wider scope. Because the organizers assess the event Cath the flag gives a positive impact on participants, especially in growing entrepreneurial spirit. For further information please contact Windriya Dhayita (081945942932).