Communication Training 2018 Communication As Your Secret Weapon

Lessons dari Jawa Timur
7 May 2018
13 May 2018

Event Communication Training 2018 held on Saturday, May 12, 2018 held in F Building Hall 7th floor FEB UB. The event started at 08.30 WIB, namely registration of participants then opening ceremony and traditional dance performance by EDC, as well as remarks from the Chief Executive, Tessa Viennie Setiawan and Chairman of Student Association of Economics Widodo Widiyanto.

Then proceed with the first session material delivered by Ms. Desiree Muntu. This first session material discusses about Marketing Communication which has been described about the efforts in marketing by using communication principle. In communication there are three important goals of disseminating information, persuasion, and branding. In practice marketing is about how we invite others to buy the goods that are supported by branding. While in communication the ultimate goal is for others to understand what we convey so tend to be interested in our goods. In marketing there is also a term of marketing integration which means each part is related to the other part. So, marketing can not be done alone but with cooperation. The first session material was closed by giving souvenir by the Chairman of the Association, Widodo Widiyanto.

After the first session, participants are given time to rest, pray, and eat (ishoma). Then the participants re-entered the room for the second session material delivered by Dimas Danang previously interspersed by the appearance of Home Band FEB UB. In the second session of this material discuss about Mass Media Communication which describes the formation of character on social media. There are three important things to consider in communicating in social media. The first thing is the character, in practice the mind must be fixed and corrected first before the senses through the existing senses. Budi is likened to a content that should be qualified while pekerti is a cover, so as good as any cover if the content does not match the interpretation of the cover then there is no meaning. Formation of the mind in social media can be done by conveying everything consciously and solidly. Solid in the sense we show what we have because each person must have its own privileges, the emergence or not the privilege depends on consistency in bringing the potential within us. The second session material was closed by giving souvenir by the Chief Executive, Tessa Viennie Setiawan.

Then proceed with the third session material on Leadership and Interpersonal Communication delivered by Sarah Keihl. In this third session material explains how to communicate with staff and colleagues in running the business and establish cooperation with other parties. One way to note is the intonation in speaking so that others do not misunderstand. Then in cooperation with other parties there is a term of negotiation in determining an agreement. According to Sarah, the biggest decision is in business and communication negotiations because what we pay attention to is how we communicate to deliver what we want. In the delivery of the material also mentioned about e-commerce marketing which he said more effective than the installation of banners, because it is in the digital era for example instagram that became the realm of young people today. The third session material was closed again by giving souvenir by the Chief Executive, Tessa Viennie Setiawan.

After three sessions of material delivery, closing and praying are done. Then the participants are directed to leave the room and make consumption.