Dauroh Tarqiyah Second Level of Regeneration Forum of Islam and Environment (Fostilling) FEB UB

21 March 2018
Seminar Comparative Study On Ease Of Doing Business
21 March 2018

Dauroh tarqiyah is a series of events organized by one of the Autonomous Institute of Faculty at Student Activity Unit of Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya namely Forum of Islam and Environment (Fostilling). This activity is the second level of regeneration flow that has been standardized by Forum of Brotherhood Institution Silaturahim (FSLDUB). DT activities include some materials of space and material field or natural tadabur. Department of Coaching and Cadreization which focuses on human resource management intends to provide facilities for members of forstilling 2017 to be able to become da’i in campus environment.

To meet the achievement of the target of the participants, then this activity is divided into two types. First, DT 1 (Dauroh Tarqiyah 1) is the activity of the first stage of the process of delivering material, outbound and natural tadabur. The material presented in Dauroh Tarqiyah 1 includes Al-Fiqh Ad-Dakwah, Islam and Ta’rif Jama’atul Muslimin, and Kapita Selekta Dakwah Campus. The speakers who will deliver the materials are ustadz, lecturers or alumni who are proficient in their field. The target of Dauroh Tarqiyah 1 is all Forstilling 2017 members who have attended diforst (Training Forstilling) or equivalent equalization stage.

Second, Dauroh Tarqiyah 2, which is the level of reconstruction phase 2. Dauroh Tarqiyah 2 is a follow-up from Dauroh Tarqiyah 1 whose goal is to prepare forstilling members who have followed the Diforst and DT 1 as future leaders and successors of da’wah relay in FEB. DT 2 is an activity in the form of delivery of space materials include Qiyadah Wal Jundiyah, Manhaj Dakwah Campus, and Siyasah Dakwah Campus. Not much different from the DT 1, the material on DT 2 will also be delivered by a cleric, lecturer or alumni who have qualified. In addition to the material, this activity is also packaged to be a forum for implementation of various materials that have been delivered in the form of games, small group discussion (SGD), and interviews.

The expected output of this activity is the participants are ready to carry higher mandate in the institution, can continue on the next level of cadre, and able to implement and teach about the materials that have been obtained for everyday life.