Delegasi Singapore Model United Nations

13 June 2019
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23 June 2019

As a young generation who will play an important role in the progress¬† of the nation, the active role of Indonesian students in various international and non-academic forums is one of the things that should be supported. This is related to improving the quality of the young generation and expanding international networks which are some important things that can be added value in the era of global competition. Therefore, student participation in conference events and debates that discussing global issues is very important to improve the quality of intelligence of Indonesia’s generation in dealing with global issues.

The name of the UN conference conference competition is Singapore Model United Nations 2019 organized by the National University of Singapore’s Political Science Society that will be held on 10-13 June 2019 at University Town, Singapore

Singapore Model United Nations (SMUN) is an annual event organized by students of the Political Sciences National University of Singapore, in this event the participants compete to find the best solution to solve the global problems that exist in each commission.