”Delegation of FEB UB as Finalist in Marketing Plan Competition 2019”

2 August 2019
”Delegation of FEB UB as Finalist in Marketing Plan Competition 2019”
4 August 2019

Delegation of FEB UB in the Competition Marketing Plan Competition 2019 which consisted of Ahmad Miskatul Qulub (Management 2017), Vina Sri Astuti (Accounting 2017), and Aliyatul Himmah (Accounting 2017) left for Semarang for comparison, competing with other teams in Semarang City by Friday (Friday) 08/02/2019) through Sunday (08/08/2019).

The Marketing Plan Competition 2019 is a marketing marketing strategy in kind. This activity was organized by the Marketing Club on Teaching (March), Semarang State University. This competition and competition will be attended by students from all over Indonesia. With the theme of “Digital Marketing in the Millennial Era”, this activity brings together the 10 best teams that have been selected as delegates from students in Indonesia competing in the 2019 Competition Marketing Plan to present their work, including: Universities of Brawijaya, Telkom University Bandung, Tarumanegara University, Semarang State University, Padjajaran University, Yogyakarta Technology University, Petra Christian University, University of Indonesia, Prasetya Mulya University, and Diponegoro University.

On August 2, 2019, with the first agenda held a Technical Meeting held at the Semarang UTC Hotel Meetingroom. The participants listened carefully about all the directives given by the committee, which then held a lottery sequence displayed for presentations the following day. Our team got the serial number 10. The agenda on the second day was a company visit conducted at the Sari Roti factory in Semarang, followed by a city tour of the Old City of Seamarang and Semarang State University. The second day’s agenda was closed by a trip at the souvenir center of Bandeng Juwana Semarang. On the last day, the main event was held at the Semarang UTC Hotel Meetingroom, with 10 teams presenting their work starting in the morning from 8:30 to 14:00. In the evening there was an evening of conferencing which contained several events, such as dances, band performances and also screenings after the film. When it was announced, the first prize was won by the University of Prasetya Mulya team, the 2nd place was won by the University of Indonesia team, the 3rd place was won by the Tarumanegara University team and the hope was won by the Padjajaran University team. While on Monday, August 5, 2019, the focus of the activity was to return participants.