25 October 2017
Penyambutan Keluarga Baru KMK FEB UB
25 October 2017

E-journey 2017 is a work program in HMJIE is an activity designed by combining learning and tourism activities. This activity will be held in November. It is said that learning is expected from this activity the participants get the sciences in entrepreneurship and creative thinking in conducting economic activities. With tours also the participants can refreshing and relaxing but still get something useful from the learning earlier. E-Journey activities 2017 is a visit to agencies and companies. By visiting the Institution the participants are expected to know about the development of industry and the efforts that exist in Indonesia. With the visit of the company and government agencies, the participants can find out what efforts can be developed and even created so that it can open employment in Indonesia. Thus, it is expected the participants get enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. The purpose and objective of this activity is to improve the relationship and establish good relationships with the agency and the targeted company, broaden the students’ horizons about what efforts can be developed and created, and gave birth to young entrepreneurs students of the Department of Economics Universitas Brawijaya.

E-Journey 2017 will be held initially to Tamansari Village which will conduct smart talkshow and tour to Tamansari village after finish from Tamansari we continue to Banyuwangi Regent Office and creative home of UKM on Friday, November 10th. Continued on Saturday, November 11th, held at Bangsring Underwater and to Desa Kopi Kemiren Desa Osing, Banyuwangi. After that will continue the journey to the city of Jember. On Sunday, November 12, proceed to visit Indonesian Coffe and Cocoa Research Institute (ICCRI) and study visit to State University of Jember. After that proceed directly to Mangrove BBJR Probolinggo and directly with a trip to Malang.

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Faris Dzulfiqar